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All-Purpose Outerwear


We are focused on making the best All-Purpose Outerwear we can figure out. And actually, we want to make the best there has ever been.

All-Purpose Outerwear is VERSATILE, and our Versatility page shows WeatherWool in places that might surprise people.

Different people will assign different priorities, but All-Purpose Outerwear should:

  • Serve well over a wide range of temperature. In general, our garments will serve well over a wide range of temperatures ... about 50F/28C. That is, if you dress for 45F/7C, you will still be fairly comfortable at 70F/21C and at 20F/-7C
  • Serve well under clear skies as well as in high humidity, sleet, snow, drippy woods and rain. Our garments thrive on humid cold. Sleet, snow, dripping trees and wet bushes are not a factor. And our garments will also withstand a surprising amount of rain, although they are not waterproof
  • Handle wind, but also breathe. There are a great many garments that are advertised as windproof, waterproof and breathable. I won't say such garments don't exist, but I will say that I have not encountered them. But it's also true I've been wearing nothing but wool for a long time. Our FullWeight Fabric will, by design, stop wind of about 15mph/25kph, and the MidWeight Fabric will stop a wind of about 10mph/16kph. We could make it tighter, but then the Fabric would not breathe as well and breathability is huge for us
  • Be suitable in many different Natural and social settings. Our garments function at a high level and disappear in Nature (except maybe Black). Our garments also are acceptable and admired when among people. All-Purpose Outerwear can go straight from the field to a nice restaurant.
  • Provide warmth even after a dunking.
  • Be quiet. I don't know of any situations when noisy garments are preferred
  • Be tough, so that it is not necessary to "baby" the garment. It should be the other way round!
  • Be nice to wear ... a pleasure to wear. We want our garments to be a pleasure to wear so that people will wear them a lot, even when the performance is not expected to be needed. And then if there are nasty surprises, the wool can come through
  • Be suitable for wear for a great many activities ... walking around town, business, shopping, fine dining, church. But also ... Military service (we have a lot of those), bushcraft, hunting, survival, Search and Rescue, outdoor work (farming, ranching, electrical, lineman), metalworking, even diving. Lots of surprising activities are shown on the aforementioned Versatility page.
  • Be able take the place of two or three typical garments. Our customers tell us WeatherWool replaces multiple other pieces
  • Handle sparks, embers and even fire. Our garments are not fireproof, but quite flame resistant, and Military doctors have told me wool is vastly superior to synthetics in the face of incendiary weapons and fire. Our Fabric is not affected by sparks, and so far I have only heard once or twice that an ember ejected from a fire burned through the wool. Usually, the ember will smolder and die
  • Resist odor. Wool famously resists odor and can be worn for extended periods, day after day, without needing to be laundered
  • Resist soiling. In most cases, spills and dirt can be wiped off or brushed off
  • Be suitable for extended wear. Many people -- thru-hikers, for example -- have told me they've worn their WeatherWool every day for weeks, even for sleeping


29 May 2023 --- Ralph