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Leo Grizzaffi
Leo Grizzaffi
Leo Grizzaffi
Leo Grizzaffi

Leo Grizzaffi

Retired Professional, Attorney, Great Guy

California and Worldwide

LeoGrazzaffi@yahoo.com (His email does not quite match his name!)

Leo has been a friend to WeatherWool since our very early days. We met Leo at one of the first shows we ever did ... before we really had much of anything in the way of product! It actually did not occur to me until lately to ask Leo if he would be interested in working with us as an Advisor. Leo is a very connected guy and a lot of fun and he has always been so kind to us. When I wrote to Leo about being an Advisor, his reply was so nice but also great content for this page:

I would be more than proud to be considered as part of your Advisor list. I did a little surfing into your information package and felt that I should bring up the following.
  • I am now [10 March 2022] 87 years of age.
  • I have been in the sporting industry in one way or another since 1953.
  • I regard myself as retired [or just tired]
  • I worked in the industry a head of sales, selling to Sear, Wards, Penny and had a crew of about 20 national salesmen
  • I was a munitions specialist in the US Air Force in Korea, and North Africa
  • I had my own import and sales company after service 
  • I was a Attorney at law and California Superior Court Hearing office for about 35 years
  • I have received awards and letters for outstanding service to the Los Angeles County court services
  • I acted as a congressional aid in Washington DC and California for about 5 years
  • I have acted as host and speaker at reward ceremonies for Los Angeles Police Department Outstanding Officers 
  • The programs at these ceremonies have listed me as a philanthropist [what ever that means]
  • I am no longer qualified to act as any type of a salesman
  • I am registered in the sporting industry as a freelance writer [member of NSSF Press]
  • I have devoted my remaining time to assist members of the sporting industry [without fee or request for discounts]
I think very highly of your product and wear it at as many events and field activities as possible.
My trip to Washington D.C. next month is to recognize my public service and service as a Korean War Veteran.
I have been away from working in or with the people in Washington for over 40 years and just hope I will have time to see some of the area again. All my political contacts there and in California are now either passed away or moved on to other fields.
That's my story in a nut shell. Set me up with what ever you feel my talents will be of benefit to your operation and I will try to do my best. I expect no compensation. But will try to show your product in the most informative light possible. I actually think it is great.
Go from there.
Leo L. Grizzaffi, Esq. rtd
This note below, sent to me by Leo in 2016 provides background about the two photos in which Leo is wearing green pants:

This afternoon I mentored a CCW [concealed carry weapon] class being given at a local shooting range/gun store. I did a short lecture on the use of deadly force and then moved back into the class in order to finish off my own personal carry class room requirements.

I took the opportunity to show off some shooting attire. Your jacket/shirt was the main item and also some tactical pants by Dickey in green. The shirt and necktie was of my own selection.

I carried under the shirt/jacket four handguns. It was not a large class and it also was to a very select audience. The facility does not handle soft wear, but It was a good opportunity for additional exposure...it never hurts. I had a 9mm 1911 Dan Wesson PM-9 on a right hand pancake holster, a 45 1911 Colt National Match in a Gould left hand holster on my left side, a 380 Llama in a
shirt pocket holster set for cross draw over my left breast. a 38 S&W model 60 in a inside waist belt holster. NO one noticed that I was really carrying a weapon until I opened the shirt/jacket to expose the firepower.

I was also reviewing some other cancelled carry clothing and noticed that several of the manufactures featured large pockets that opened onto the inside of the jackets. I know that the market is possibly limited, but you may also use as a additional feature the fact that your line lends itself well with the carrying of a concealed weapon. This may have some additional appeal at the SCI convention.

See you at SCI next year.


Leo L. Grizzaffi
8 April 2022