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WeatherWool Advisor Fisher Neal is an All-Around Outdoorsman, Instructor and Serious Actor
Fisher Neal
WeatherWool Advisor, Hunting and Nature Guide and Broadway Theater Actor Fisher Neal with a tremendous haul of Morels

Fisher Neal



New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey

ysdfisher@gmail.com, also on Instagram as @huntingactor

Specialties: Fisher teaches hunting and Nature Appreciation and knows his way around stage and camera

Fisher is originally from Tennessee, where he spent huge amounts of time in the woods and fields and on the waters. He came to the NYC area to pursue a career in theater on Broadway, where he has had some real success. His love of Nature is still deep in his heart, tho, and he loves hunting, fishing, foraging, and teaching people his skills. Learn more about outings with Fisher at LearnToHuntNYC.com. Fisher's friends in Tennessee have been surprised by the Natural bounty within easy reach of Manhattan. (It still amazes me, too, and I grew up around here!) I have been afield with Fisher and he is very keen. He is new to WeatherWool and became an Advisor in May 2017. Given that he is a trained actor and model, we have used his talents and you'll see pictures of Fisher wearing our clothes on this website and on social media.

Fisher made a great short movie about his 2020 Tennessee Turkey Season.

Please click here for more pictures and more info about Fisher's Guiding and Teaching services.

Please click here to listen to a HumaNature podcast/interview with Fisher regarding acting and his work as a hunting guide.

One of the photos on this page was taken at a "photo shoot" at The Swamp, where we do a lot of testing and photography for WeatherWool. The other photo shows Fisher with a client who had never before hunted turkey. Fisher put him on a beautiful bird on public land within an hour's drive of New York City.

19 June 2020