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WeatherWool Advisor Caroline



Virginia (West of the Blue Ridge)

treewalkstudios@gmail.com “Email me with a great opening line and we can talk on the phone.”

Specialties:   Hiking, Horseback Riding, Health/Nutrition, Photography, Interdisciplinary Thinking, Skiing

Caroline wrote us:  “We are worth good, quality, practical items of everyday use -- luxury is every day durability and enjoyment.  The beauty of our technology today is our ability to understand how amazing natural things are.  Wool is a durable, versatile, sense-appealing fiber.  One of my passions is exploring the power of partnership with nature.”   [Note from Ralph:   Caroline told me her Interdisciplinary Studies combined Outdoor Recreation and Media Studies, with a double minor in Biology and Appalachian Studies.]   And we know she enjoys humor, too.   Caroline is also part of our Women's Design Group.   She particularly enjoyed the performance of WeatherWool on the ski slopes.  

21 June 2020