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Video Weaving

WeatherWool is woven on Jacquard Looms at MTL (Material Technology and Logistics) in Jessup, Pennsylvania.

This video is an introduction to the process of Jacquard Weaving.

Big THANKS to everyone at MTL for hosting us and of course for weaving our Fabric since the very first production bolt. Special Thanks to Tom Hillebrand for leading the tour and to owner, Mike Hillebrand, for being so accommodating to our little business!



People have been weaving a long time. And the beginnings of the Jacquard Loom trace back to Joseph Jacquard in 1804. But to someone who is not very familiar with what is happening, my constant thought is that it's too complicated, that there are too many potential points of failure, for it to ever work!


20 April 2023 --- Ralph