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Soldier Systems Daily

Soldier Systems Daily is one of the most-read military-oriented sites on the web.

Eric Graves, the Editor-In-Chief, stopped by our booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY, in May 2016. It was great to meet with Mr and Mrs Graves, but unfortunately there was a lot of traffic in our booth and Eric had quite a few people to see as well, so we did not have much time to talk.

Eric and Mrs Graves are both Veterans, and we THANK THEM for their service.

Also, last time I spoke with Eric, he told me that he'd been wearing our Anorak for a while. This was a surprise to me because I could not for the life of me remember him buying it ... sorry about that, Eric ... it gets a little crazy at the shows sometimes. In any case, THANK YOU for your patronage and your great support.

Soldier Systems Daily covered our WarriorWool Program twice, on July 3rd 2017 and March 29th, 2016.

Click here to read the Soldier Systems Daily page on our ShirtJac, published 22 May 2016.

Please click here for the Soldier Systems Daily thoughts on Al's Anorak, published 30 January 2016.

Thank You, Soldier Systems Daily.  Great website, we appreciate your patronage very much, and we appreciate you helping to spread the word about WeatherWool!!

Updated 21 August 2017