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WeatherWool Ponchos in Lynx Pattern and Solid Drab Color
Rebecca is wearing a Lynx Pattern Poncho with Duff border and Alex is wearing Drab with Drab border. One size Poncho fits all. Rebecca is 5’3” (160 cm) tall and Alex is 6’1” (185 cm).

PURPOSE: Another very versatile piece. It can provide protection in pretty serious weather and outdoor activity. But the Poncho will also be appropriate for city wear and social events.

One of the things we really like about a Poncho is that it offers such versatility ... a large man and a small woman can wear the same poncho. (Or a woman can fit a large dog inside the Poncho with her.) And because of the generally loose fit, a wide variety of base layers is possible.

Features of the WeatherWool Poncho:

  • Made of our FullWeight Fabric
  • A bottom border of of our FullWeight Fabric to improve the drape and the balance. The Drab Ponchos have a Drab border; Duff border on Lynx Ponchos; Duff border on Duff Ponchos
  • About 45 inches (114 cm) wide and about 69 inches (175 cm) long in total
  • A very generously-sized Hood sewn directly to the body of the Poncho. The Hood is large enough to easily accommodate a substantial Hat. The Hood can be snugged by drawstrings located at either side of the neck and at the back of the head
  • The opening is in the exact center ... front and back are the same length
  • The Poncho can be buttoned closed at the upper chest and neck
  • Each side of the Poncho has a single button so the front and back of the Poncho can be closed, giving more protection to the sides of the wearer, but still not sacrificing the classic, open Poncho design
  • A large Pouch that can be entered from both sides. The Pouch can be closed relatively securely by a button at each side. The Pouch is sewn shut halfway up each side, adding to the security of the contents
  • Hidden from sight on the inside of the Poncho, behind the Pouch, is a large zippered pocket
  • The Hood of the Poncho can be buttoned down, closing off the center of the Poncho so it can be used as a blanket
  • The side edges of the Poncho are the natural selvedge of our Fabric, which we feel is in keeping with the rustic look of a Poncho. (Selvedge -- or selvage -- is the "self-edge" ... the border of a bolt of fabric, where the machines grip the material. Although the selvedge is generally not used, it is made from the same woolen yarn as the rest of the Poncho and we felt it was perfect for this application.)

Because they are made with WeatherWool FullWeight Fabric these Ponchos are wonderfully comfortable and luxurious.


WeatherWool Poncho in LYNX Pattern


WeatherWool Poncho in Solid Drab Color with Arm Extended to show width of PonchoThe pictures above and below show a DRAB Poncho with arm extended. In these pictures, the side buttons of the Poncho are secured, keeping the Poncho closed on each side.
WeatherWool Poncho, side view, arm extended 

WeatherWool Poncho in Solid DRAB Color, rear view
WeatherWool Poncho in Solid Drab Color, Hands in Front PouchThe pictures above and below show the two pockets of the Poncho. The outside Pouch is large, and hides the footprint (stitching) of the inner pouch. The bottom pic shows the Poncho's inner pocket. This pocket is secured by a zipper. 
WeatherWool Poncho Hidden Inside Zippered Pocket

WeatherWool Poncho with Rear Hood Adjustment snugged -- Hood Pulled BackThe pictures above and below show the Hood of the Poncho pulled partway back. The Poncho's Hood is quite large and we didn't want to make it smaller because sometimes you may want to have your head deep inside the Hood. So our Hood can be adjusted not only from top and bottom but also from back and sides. Pulling the Hood back opens up the sides and allows excellent peripheral vision.
WeatherWool Poncho with Hood Snugged and pulled part way back

One really nice thing about ponchos is that there is not really any issue about the fit!


  • Across Shoulders, 45 inches / 114 centimeters
  • Across Bottom, 43.5 / 110
  • Neckline (Total), 21 / 53
  • Hood Opening (Total), 31 / 79
  • Length (without Hood), 34.5 / 88
  • Poncho weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

WeatherWool Poncho Inside PocketPoncho Inside Pocket

WeatherWool Poncho has an Inside Loop to close off the center so Poncho can be used as a BlanketPoncho Inside Loop for Blanket.
This loop enables closure at the neck so the Poncho can be used as a Blanket.


WeatherWool Poncho showing inside button to fasten sides, and use of SelvagePoncho Inside Button Selvage
This little patch on the inside of the Poncho holds a reinforced button hole. The sides of the Poncho can be buttoned in the middle to provide a measure of closure but still allow the open style that makes a Poncho.
The picture also shows the back side of the natural selvage (border of the bolt of wool fabric) that forms the outside edge of the sides of the Poncho.

WeatherWool Poncho Bottom Border
This picture shows a corner of a LYNX Poncho. The lower border is a doubled layer of our FullWeight Fabric in DUFF. The doubled layer improves the overall drape of the Poncho. At the bottom left of the picture is a closeup of the ‘selvage’ that forms the left and right borders of the Poncho. Selvage is the fabric on the sides of a bolt of fabric. The machines that manipulate the bolt during manufacture grasp the bolt along the selvage, which is formed when the yarn is looped back to move in the opposite direction. The selvage has the same yarn and dyes as the rest of the bolt, but looks different because of the machinery. We felt the selvage adds a rustic look consistent with an old-fashioned garment like a Poncho.

WeatherWool Poncho worn by our friend Joe Carpenter in Brooklyn
The Poncho above was one of our first protos, made in DRAB with a BLACK border. The production DRAB Ponchos have DRAB borders. This picture was taken at the American Field Show in Brooklyn in 2014. Joe Carpenter, the gent in the picture, has worn the Poncho in some interesting and severe places in Upstate New York and in Vermont. Joe is a Fireman in the Fire Department of New York.


WeatherWool Poncho has an optional inside handwarmer pouch
The pictures above and below show an optional inside pouch. A customer wanted to be able to ride his horses with his hands inside the pouch and his arms inside the poncho. So we added an inner pouch for him. The inner pouch is pretty much the same as the outer pouch, but a little bit smaller so the outline of the inner pouch does not show on the outside of the garment. The zippered pocket is inside the pouch. In these pictures, Alex has his hands inside the inner pouch. We bust up a lot of wood because we like the fireplace cranking all winter. Alex is sitting in front of part of our woodpile. Luckily, we have great neighbors. [Although eventually they took us to 'firewood court'! Another, story, and no big deal ...]

WeatherWool Poncho optional inside pouch, inside look
Hands Inside Optional Inside Pouch

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5 December 2021 --- Ralph