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Petersens Hunting

Mike Schoby, the (former) Editor-in-Chief of Petersen's Hunting Magazine, has visits our booths years ago when we used to do the outdoor shows. Mike visited us in 2016 and that led to a little bit of publicity for us ... we got a mention in the NEW GEAR section of the October 2016 issue, page 28. Petersen's Hunting is America's largest-circulation hunting magazine with a monthly readership well over 2 million. It is great for us to get a little attention in its pages!! Thanks, Mike!!

Mike also wears WeatherWool himself ... one of our Hooded Jackets as well as the CPO Shirt pictured in the magazine.

WeatherWool featured in Petersen's Hunting Magazine


We were working on the Brindle Pattern when this piece was being prepared. Someday we may offer Brindle, which is basically a darker version of Lynx Pattern.

 October 2016 and updated 14 April 2022 --- Ralph