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Pants Reviews

The best places to see independent WeatherWool reviews, lots of them, with new ones coming out steadily, are Instagram, Youtube and the many websites and web forums. But I put a review here from time to time.

On 4 June 2019, "BN" from Iowa wrote us about a May fishing trip on the Great Lakes, where the weather is notorious for bouncing around between extremes. We mostly avoid publishing anonymous reviews, but BN has had a lot of WeatherWool for quite a while, and he has professional reasons to keep his name out of cyberspace ... BN has been waiting for quite a while for a pair of MidWeight Pants. I sent him my own Pants to wear on this trip. Here is a quick summary of his trip, just as he sent the email to me:

Warm weather and dry but a few pop up showers - so as other were scrambling a couple times a day to prepare for brief showers - I just kept fishing:)-  ....... I did wear light gym shorts under and if it got too warm I just took them off for a bit. ........ 13 days - rain, fish, warm, mud, lake water- I used one pair of pants and brushed them off when headed home - no smell- no cleaning and others went through several pairs of jeans. ....... I would not have to clean if they were not borrowed :) ...... Probably a different performance than many think of wool for but it is still the best.


On 31 January 2018, Advisor Walter Skrzypek of Falls Creek Outfitters (located at the edge of the Pennsylvania Wildlands) sent the following review.  The Pants are the reason Walter decided to get involved with WeatherWool:

About a year ago, I contacted a gentleman from WeatherWool to inquire about some of their clothing and get some additional info/details. Little did I know but the phone was answered by the owner, operator, and man behind the scenes, Ralph DiMeo. After some conversation, I have learned that Ralph has been involved with the outdoor scene and involved in past decisions for others regarding outdoor clothing. Ralph took those ideas and ran with them into his own business, WeatherWool.
It was clear while talking with him, that he not only understood what people admired about the attraction to wool, he also spoke the language and knew what people NEEDED. They wanted something that was rugged, felt great under various conditions of use, and they wanted something that was quality. I was interested in the quality. I was intrigued by the made in the USA from sheep to product. I was interested in the well thought out technology behind the product and I loved the way that the clothing was made, and it's function fell into an area that I admired, and visited often, the actual out-of-doors.
You may say, I drank the kool-aid and grabbed a pair of WeatherWool pants. They met all my thoughts of function, utility, and performance. Once received...I've worn them so many times, I cannot count. They work well in the fall, winter, and spring. And probably several chilly nights outside by a campfire when camping with my dog, Timber. But they performed very well in all the areas where I used them.
Ralph had told me, The pants are usually not the first item that people purchase. So I was very different in my approach. I must say that I am amazed because the pants are unbelievable. They come un-hemmed and I folded the bottom up, and I wore them...and wore them...and wear them constantly. And I still haven't hemmed them up, and I can sew...so I have no excuse. The cargo pockets are ideal and have huge quality made heavy duty zippers under the flap to prevent anything from falling out. I've hiked up hillsides, hunted through "jagger bushes", sat for extended periods in the snow watching wildlife and the outdoors, I've worn them for dress at times with no hesitation because they look handsome, dapper, yet rugged. And I've worn them straight from the woods to the dinner table, and sat many days on my deck in the chill, just enjoying the view. But they've been used hard! They've seen some slips, trips, falls, and blunders among boulders...and they work! They Function!
In my life, I've learned, and continue to learn each day that on occasion...it's best to save and get quality rather than scramble with lesser made products and hope that some day, you can get a quality item. The pants are not cheap, but they are NOT cheap. What you get, is top quality made wool pants that do not have the scratchy wool feeling. You get comfort, no itching, warmth, and function. They get wet, you feel no chill and stay toasty. They actually shed off water quite well. Another property of the wool they use, it's natural properties! It just works!
If I had a dollar for everyday that I used the pants, and I have had them for probably a little over a year....I can say that I am getting my monies worth every single time. And these are only the pants, which are not the usual first purchase of WeatherWool products. But I gotta say folks....get yourself a pair. You will NOT be sorry! If you have questions...let me know. If you want to feel a sample of the wool and look over a pamphlet that explains and shows the properties...let me know. And if you want to order, just give Ralph a call and be sure to visit WeatherWool and check out their items!

We appreciate Walter's great review very much.  Just one thing ... If you want to order, please feel free to go through Walter.  That is a big part of what our Advisors are there for.  THANK YOU!!


On 17 January 2018 we received the following note from Mark Brooks of Kansas:

Received my pants today. Waited from the initial orders to see how everything was going to pan out and if I really needed the pants and how the other garments would work. We've had an inordinarily cold winter so far so went ahead and ordered the pants. I put them on as soon as they arrived cause this morning it was -6 and right now it is 26f. These pants must have a built in heater. I can't believe how warm they are! Very nice! Something about wool, no matter what people call whatever they make to replace wool, I have not found anything near as good. And the way you guys create the fabric makes it better.

They can have my WeatherWool when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.



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The following review is from Advisor Michael Anderson, who went on a remarkable trek in the Himalayas in 2015, wearing some of the first Pants we ever made:

Hi Ralph and Alex,
I wanted to let you know how well the WW mid [MidWeight] pants went. The quickly changing conditions are illustrated by the attached photos from the village of Thame, Nepal on Apr 11-12. There it went from warm and sunny to cold and snowy over night. In the end it was a regular feature of the trip: dry, dusty, warm to sloppy, sleet, windy. I wore my pants without taking them off, day or night, for the entire 14 days and although wouldn't recommend it in general, they were just what was needed for my trip. The day before we arrived at Everest base camp, the track was ankle deep in semi-frozen mud and yak dung and the next day at EBC we were on snow and ice in the wind. I wore them climbing to 5545 m, where it was hot at the base and cold at the top. In Namche both times it was in the 60s. With my minimal options, no change of clothes was possible or needed.

I also wore them non-stop Apr 24-27 in Kathmandu, including during the earthquake on Apr 25. I lived in them for 2 days on the streets and an additional 2 days inside the U.S. Embassy before finally getting a flight out that wasn't canceled as fast as I could book it. A quick dusting and they were my traveling pants back to the U.S. through the elegant Hammad Doha airport.

The only suggestion I have for an improvement is to angle the bellows pockets like on the current ACU pants. It would make getting things out of the pockets easier in kneeling and crouching positions. Those pockets are giant and I had them stuffed all the time with everything from money and passport to sunscreen and water bottle.

The trip was full of unexpected events, which really played havoc with our plans, but I have nothing but praise for the WW pants which through it all were my first shelter and support.

Thanks, -Michael A.