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6000 ft Elevation with Heath Gunns

December 2014:

We met Heath Gunns of Honored American Veterans Afield at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. HAVA is a fantastic organization ... dedicated to our Veterans and their families. Thanks for taking care of our Veterans, Heath!!!

Here is a picture taken in November, 2014, during an elk hunt in Montana. Left to right are Guide Bill W., U.S. Army Ret SSgt Timm G., HAVA Outreach Manager Heath Gunns (wearing All-Around Jac and FullWeight Pants in LYNX Pattern) and ranch Manager Mike D.

Heath's comment: “Weather Wool at 6000 ft in MT. It’s about 40 degrees [4C] in this picture. WW works great, across a broad range of temperature.” Since then, Heath has told us he’s worn his AAJ in temps as low as -15F/-26C and as high as 70F/21C. Heath also wears it out to dinner in town regularly. One of the design requirements of LYNX Pattern was that it go easily from field to town, and that is one of the things we like best about it.