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Debby dug up some research that formally vindicates what some of us have been saying about our Solid Colors Drab and Duff all along ...

Metamers are colors that match sometimes, depending upon the lighting. Drab and Duff are definitely metamers, and we developed these colors with exactly that effect in mind, although at the time we didn't know there was any science behind what we were doing ...

WeatherWool Fabric Colors

When we developed Drab and Duff, we wanted colors that would be completely acceptable and appealing in social settings, AND we wanted colors that would blend into Nature, providing camouflage without camo patterns.

We developed Drab first, and at that time we were not thinking about Duff. But as we tested different shades, we (actually, me, mostly) really gravitated toward the shades that were most difficult to pin down. When I found myself thinking WHAT COLOR IS THAT? ... that's when I felt we were getting the effect I wanted. Specifically, Drab is hard to see in many Natural settings, but it also seems to be different colors depending upon how the light falls on it. Add in the 3-dimensional effect of the way a garment covers a human body, and light will always be reflected in different ways. So with Drab, we had a color that faded into Nature, was difficult to focus on, and, because it looks different from different angles, had a camo effect even though it is a single solid color.

We developed Duff by working with paint chips ... small squares of paper we got from a paint store. We took about 20 paint chips with varying shades of brown, and spread them all out on the floor of the forest. The shade that best matched the dead leaves and twigs and dirt became standard for Duff.  (Scientists call the leaves and twigs on the forest floor 'duff'.)  And with Duff, we of course also wanted the same qualities as Drab ... acceptable socially, hard to see in Nature, and looking like different colors depending upon the lighting.

With Drab and Duff, I was very happy with their chameleon effects, and then we really knew we had the colors we wanted when we noticed that, in certain lighting, Drab looks like Duff, and vice versa. So, that's METAMERISM, a new word for me (as of summer, 2018), and I'm really happy that Drab and Duff are METAMERS.


16 July 2018