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We have quite a few customers in Australia. Not many pictures so far, but I think that will change.


WeatherWool is delighted that Ky Furneaux @KyFurneaux is getting to know WeatherWool!

Ky Furneaux is testing and evaluating the Anorak for suitability to her work and lifestyle. Here is how Ky (@KyFurneaux) introduces herself on Instagram: 
"Survivalist, Author, Stunt Performer, Motivational Speaker. I hope that my passion for adventure inspires others. Choose YOUR Life. Lose Your Limits."


Below, Rob Griffith, Operations Manager at Costi Farms, one of the world leaders in the Macadamia Nut industry. The seven farms, which sit along the south east coast of Queensland, spanning a distance of over 400 km (248 miles), have a zero waste policy. The hulls of Macadamias burn extremely hot, and are used to heat Costi facilities!

WeatherWool is delighted to be working at Costi Farms in Queensland, Australia.  Costi Farms is a world leader in the Macadamia Nut Industry.


20 June 2019