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Advisor Program

I started the Advisor Program in early 2017 based on three ideas:

  • It would be great if people could talk to Mike Dean, the first WeatherWool Advisor, because Mike is one-of-a-kind, with huge knowledge and experience related to weather and gear, and because of his communication style
  • It would be helpful if people could speak with someone who had particular experience or expertise
  • Customers would be more comfortable if they could contact an Advisor in their own State or Country, and maybe even meet an Advisor to put hands on WeatherWool

The first two ideas were pretty good, except it turns out that people are much less comfortable making contact with strangers than I expected. And the last idea has become obsolete because people are no longer very reluctant to buy clothing online, we offer Free Fabric Samples, and a lot of information about WeatherWool -- information that does not come from me -- is now publicly available.


Some Advisors have significant followings on social media, television, lecture circuits, books, Youtube and their own websites ... the headings on their Advisor Pages mostly refer to them as OUTDOOR PROFESSIONALS. Other Advisors, particularly those who joined us prior to 2018, when we began to "catch on", are not well-known at all ... our ADVISOR CUSTOMERS are people who liked us enough and were kind enough to be willing to tell others what they think of our products.

In the list of Advisors, Mike Dean appears first, then OUTDOOR PROFESSIONAL Advisors, and then ADVISOR CUSTOMERS. We are pretty crazy about all our Advisors!

The Advisors have widely varied backgrounds ... some are young, some not exactly young ... many different professions, and many different reasons for being outdoors in the weather.

It's worth repeating that we rely heavily on our Advisors to help us improve our products. And of course Advisors will pass to us their own ideas as well as the ideas of customers.

The Advisors also have areas of specialty. For example, Chad Borofsky has been on the Ski Patrol at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont since he was a kid. It was Chad who suggested we make a Ski Jacket, and he is the lead designer.

Please click the alphabetized "FILTER" list on the YOUR ADVISORS PAGE to select Advisors by Location or Specialty or Name. If there is something you are looking for that is NOT there, please let me know.


  • Looking for someone in Arkansas? Set the filter to ARKANSAS
  • Want to talk about Canoeing? Set the filter to CANOEING
  • Search by Advisor name ... Set filter to FIRST NAME or LAST NAME

A few Advisors, such as those employed by the government, don't want their contact info out in cyberspace. If an Advisor is listed only by first name and location, please contact us and we will pass your request along to the Advisor, who will be happy to work with you.

If you have been working with an Advisor (or Advisors) but place your order directly with us, please let us know.

And if you would like to become an Advisor, please give us a call. We feel that Advisors provide a great means to help our customers and help us grow. We are looking for friendly and knowledgeable outdoors-oriented people. Now that WeatherWool has achieved general credibility, Advisors who have joined us recently are "influencers" (people with significant presence in the various media) and/or experts in certain areas, or people who can help us grow our offerings, such as Chad. However, we are open to all sorts of ideas, and we would like to have more Advisors in countries other than USA and Canada.

Thanks! -- Ralph

18 June 2020