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Megan Hine


Worldwide, with roots in England and Wales.

Megan on Instagram: @megan_hine.

Specialties: Wilderness Guide, Location Scout, Survival, TV and Film Production, Media, Wild Foods, Spearfishing, Sea Foraging, Safety, Primitive Skills, Mountaineering, Foraging, Fishing, Beachcombing, Camping, Adventure Guiding, Kayaking

Megan travels almost constantly, often in places without much in the way of modern communications, and so she can be difficult to contact. I will be happy to relay (, +1 973-943-3110 mobile) your messages to Megan.  

Megan is a British adventurer, Wilderness Guide, wilderness expedition leader and survival expert and consultant for individuals and television shows worldwide, including, currently, the NBC Television Show Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Megan’s passion for travel, adventure, nature and exploration has been lifelong, and she has expertise – gained through experience – in a huge variety of outdoor activities and settings. In her work and play in mountains, jungles, deserts and other remote places, she has pushed to her mental and physical limits.

Megan has worked with numerous international production companies for adventure and extreme survival shows on channels such as ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic and S4C and has demonstrated her knowledge and skills both behind the scenes and in front of the camera as a survival expert, presenter, expedition leader, stunt performer and outdoor model. Megan recently appeared on ITV’s “Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive” as one of Bear’s two survival captains. She is now working on a number of other projects to be broadcast in the coming months. She also enjoys taking private clients, celebrities and various media and production professionals to safely witness nature’s extremes.

Megan is the author of the 2017 book Mind of A Survivor … What the Wild has Taught Me About Survival and Success. Debby and I both recommend this book; it’s filled with interesting thoughts and observations, stories about Megan’s experiences and is told in a personal style that leaves readers feeling a connection with Megan.

When I told Advisor Mike Dean that a woman and man who work with Bear Grylls would be joining WeatherWool as Advisors, Mike said “The woman must be Megan!” Quite a few years ago, Mike had been in Scotland with the US Military, training for harsh winter conditions. Winter in the Scottish Highlands is famously difficult, and Mike’s group generally had the area to themselves. However, as they were traveling about, they were surprised to come across a group of college students. It turned out the students had in mind the same idea as the Americans … to learn to handle the cold, wet, windy and incredibly humid Scottish winter. Mike, who has pretty well lived his life outdoors in all sorts of weather, said almost all of the students were just what he’d expect from such a group … people who had done a lot of reading but had little real experience … except for one young woman. Mike said he could see right off that Megan had the knowledge that can be gained only by real experience. Maybe because of WeatherWool, Mike and Megan will share a camp again someday.


15 April 2021