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Women's Field Jacket
Women's Field Jacket
Women's Field Jacket
WeatherWool Ladies Field Jacket in Lynx
Women's Field Jacket

Women's Field Jacket

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Note: Please click this link for more pictures of the Women's Field Jacket.

The Ladies Field Jacket is being developed by the Women's Design Group, and we will be happy to hear your input. If you don't know WeatherWool and have not handled our Fabric, please contact us for free Fabric Sample Swatches so you'll understand what we are up to.  The $500 shown here is the pre-production order price of the Jacket.

We will make the Ladies Field Jacket from our FullWeight Fabric. Shown in the pictures is a prototype in FullWeight Fabric in our proprietary Lynx Pattern. Like everything made by WeatherWool, the Ladies Field Jacket will be a completely pure American product combining unmatched performance with classic looks that work anywhere.

The basic design:

  • Available in Lynx Pattern or any of our three Solid Colors (Black, Drab, Duff)
  • Over-sized collar with throat latch (Collar will be rounded at corners)
  • Three buttons on back of collar for attaching optional Double Hood
  • Super-fine Merino Wool Knit Cuffs hidden inside the sleeves.  Tan Cuffs for Jackets in Lynx Pattern and Solid Duff Color, and Black Cuffs for Jackets in Solid Colors Black and Drab
  • Sturdy 2-way YKK zipper front closure with Storm Flap secured by buttons
  • Generously-sized pockets that are cut into the seam for a sleek look
  • Field Jacket can be worn with or without the included belt. The belt loops are very inconspicuous, and won’t be noticed in the absence of a belt

Final touches we are still working on:

  • Doubled layer of our FullWeight Fabric across the shoulders, top of the chest and top of the back. The "double yoke" would add some bulk but would also add significant warmth and enable the Jacket to withstand almost unlimited rain
  • Exact shape of the collar. We will round the corners of the collar and have the collar protect the front of the neck when completely closed
  • Type of button ... not sure if we should use Slot Buttons for their extreme reliability or something else that looks dressier

We would be happy to hear additional ideas. 

The $500 price is based on pre-production order. Regular price will probably be about $675.

WeatherWool Ladies Field Jacket in Lynx Pattern. Unmatched Performance in a Luxury Jacket

Please contact us / call anytime if you are interested!  Please click here for additional pictures of the Women's Field Jacket.

Please click here for additional details of WeatherWool Construction.

12 November 2017