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Watch Caps - Special Seconds
Watch Caps - Special Seconds

Watch Caps - Special Seconds


For complete info on the Reversible Watch Caps, please click here for the main Watch Caps page.

Inventory is running low on our regular Production Watch Caps, and we will not be making more of them until late 2022.

BUT ... We have very limited numbers of Watch Caps that didn't fully pass our Quality Control for cosmetic reasons. Functionally, these Caps are indistinguishable from the regular production, but there are small irregularities in the color of the yarns. Many people would not notice, and a lot of people wouldn't care anyway.  (There was no problem with the black yarn coloration.)

    Also, the Caps are reversible, and can be worn in various ways, so any Given that the caps are two layers, even people who do notice what Debby disapproved can still put that part of the cap toward the inside so it is not seen.  

    Of course, these are backed by our usual Customer Service Policy.

    The photo shows the six different ways the DRAB/Duff Cap can be worn. The possibilities are the same for the BLACK/Drab.

    These Caps are priced at $55

    THANKS! --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


    16 January 2022