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Walter Skryzpek

Walter Skryzpek

Pennsylvania (Western)


Specialties: All-Around Outdoorsman Regardless of Weather, Dog Lover

“I am a perpetual wanderer, full time hiker, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast. Call me a woodsman, an amateur bushcrafter, camper, hunter, or a naturalist who dabbles in healthcare. The result is all the same. You'll find me in the outdoors, whether rain or shine, snow or sun. I have an outdoor and nature oriented family business - inviting others to enjoy the surroundings by any means possible. As a Registered Nurse, I am empathetic and passionate in all that I do; this includes my dedication to the out-of-doors and my natural surroundings. I strongly believe that peace can be found in nature and adventure is paramount to a sense of fulfillment. This can be in your back yard or the rainforests of Africa, your mind is the gateway to opportunity.”