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WeatherWool Advisor Stani Greenway (Groeneweg), WeatherWool Anorak
WeatherWool Advisor Stani Greenway (Groeneweg), WeatherWool Anorak
WeatherWool Advisor Stani Greenway (Groeneweg), WeatherWool Anorak
WeatherWool Advisor Stani Greenway (Groeneweg), WeatherWool Anorak
WeatherWool Advisor Stani Greenway (Groeneweg), WeatherWool Anorak

Stani Greenway


Worldwide, with roots in Wales and the Netherlands.

Specialties: Wilderness Guide, Wild Foods, Wales, Video Production, TV production, Survival, Spearfishing, Sea Foraging, Safety, Primitive Skills, Mountaineering, Location Scout, Foraging, Fishing, Film production, Beachcombing, Air Assault, Camping, Adventure Guide

Stani on Instagram: @Stani_Greenway.

Traveling about 11 months per year, very often in remote areas with no communications, Stani can be difficult to contact.  I will be happy to relay (, +1 973-761-1776) your messages to Stani.  

Stani Groeneweg (Greenway in English) is a full-time outdoors professional and an integral part of the Bear Grylls team. His work involves ranging and scouting remote wilderness locations for TV and film crews, with primary responsibility for Safety & Risk Control and Survival on all continents and in all environments -- from Jungles to High Mountains and from Arctic Plains to Deserts.

Highly experienced as a Wilderness Guide, International Mountain Leader and Survival, Bushcraft and Tracking Instructor, Stani has been likened to a  pure wilderness man ... but what many people remember most about him is professionalism, his extreme can-do attitude and huge smile. 

After 10 years in the Dutch Military, specializing in Mountaineering and Air Assault, Stani taught at world-renowned survival and outdoor schools, such as the Ray Mears Survival School, and still trains their instructors as needed. Stani has been the acting Safety Team Leader and Survival Consultant on shows including Man vs Wild, I Shouldn’t Be Alive and Primal Survivor.

Stani is the Acting Safety Team Leader (and quite a bit more) for the NBC Television Show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, but is also very dedicated to conducting regular training sessions with Anti-Poaching Rangers in Africa.  Here is a quote from Stani's Instagram post of September 19, 2018:  "Proud to be a part if this awesome team!! #Repost @lead_ranger. The edge of your comfort zone is where great personal award awaits. We empower the next generation of frontline conservation leaders LEAD Ranger is a collaborative initiative of , @thingreenlinefoundation , and @rangercampus."

Stani enjoys wild foods - sea foraging, beachcombing, fishing, spearfishing and hunting, and does quite a bit of rock climbing. He can usually be found outside somewhere/anywhere; climbing, checking local waters for a swim, tracking down the whereabouts of local wildlife, or lighting fires for a brew (tea).

Advisor Megan Hine is a large part of Stani's life and work. 


18 June 2020