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American made Merino WeatherWool  Jacket in Wool, hunting, birding

Original All Around Jackets

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We still have just a couple of these Jackets ... size 2XLarge in Solid DRAB Color only.

These are really the first production All Around Jackets we made. They are made with our FullWeight Fabric, but we have changed styling and fit since these were produced. They are very definitely not prototypes, we made a bunch of them, but they do not measure up to the craftsmanship of our present tailors. (We have used several tailor shops, with craftsmanship improving each time.)  They are generously cut.

Still, they are seriously warm and nothing at all wrong with them because the key to everything we make is the Fabric.

Again, all we have left are size 2XLarge in solid DRAB color.

Care and Cleaning

More pictures and details about WeatherWool Construction