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Merino Jacquard Mittens with wrist adjustment
Mittens palm and thumb from Horween Leather
Merino Jacquard Fabric choices - Duff, Drab, Lynx, Black
Mittens shown have mouton liner removed from Merino Jacquard shell

Mouton Mittens

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Our Gauntlet Mittens will keep your hands warm during periods of extreme cold or lower activity. These Mitts enable some gripping but you can't do much more than squeeze. And they will be too warm if you are generating your own heat via physical exertion.

The pictured Mitts are available at $400.  We will need to know some specifics about the size of your hands the the thickness of the jacket the gauntlets will accommodate.

The Mitts shown and described here can be viewed as a guide ... each pair is made to order by an Individual Artisan Leather Craftsman, so custom touches are not a problem but may affect the price.

  • Exterior is a layer of our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric
  • Interior is lined completely with ultra-plush Mouton Fleece. The Mouton Fleece is a natural pelt ... the leather of the pelt makes the Mitts completely windproof but also means they don't breathe, so you must be careful not to allow moisture to build inside the Mitt if you exert yourself
  • Mouton interior and Fabric exterior can be separated for cleaning or quicker drying, as pictured
  • Palms and Thumb Patch and Leather Wrist Adjustment Strap made of extremely durable, water-resistant and flexible Horween Chromexcel Leather, which "is a combination tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate processes taking 28 working days" to produce
  • Wrist tension can be adjusted via the Strap and Buckle
  • D-ring on the cuff for attachment of a cord. A traditional Alaskan approach is to run a leather thong thru the sleeves and across the back, with a Mitt attached to each end of the thong. The Mitts can then be shaken off the hands and left dangling until needed again
  • D-Rings and Buckles are handworked brass from Winter Park, Florida
  • Mittens are cut wide to go over jacket sleeve
  • Pictured Mitts are 16.5 inches (41 cm) long and 6 inches (15 cm) across the palm and 8 inches (20 cm) at the forearm opening
  • Each of these Mittens weighs 13 ounces (367 grams)

Made to Order by an Individual Artisan Leather Craftsman ... your own design ideas are welcome!  Just about every feature can be customized.

We have some initial feedback on this first pair of Mitts from Advisor Sam Kuhns, who is helping us with design and testing. I spoke with Sam on 22 October and even in Anchorage, where Sam is based, there hadn't yet been the type of cold for which the Mitts are primarily intended. However, Sam did give us some feedback:

  • Sam had cold-weather snowmobiling, and VERY cold-weather snowmobiling in mind when he asked us about making the Mitts. So far, he knows the Mitts will be fine for operating the snowmobile.
  • Clearly very warm, but not tested yet (by Sam) in serious cold
  • Extremely comfortable and soft inside
  • Sam also expects the Mitts will be perfect for any type of relatively sedentary activity where you will need to keep your hands warm and maybe sometimes pull them free
  • Very good-looking ... beautiful craftsmanship and materials

More information coming as the weather changes and Sam gets out more.


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Details about WeatherWool Construction

22 October 2017