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Mike Dean

Mike Dean

Maine (Northern and Coastal):


Specialties: Handling horrible conditions alone and off-grid. Weather. Military Special Forces and Security. Guiding. Search and Rescue. Trekking.

Mike is from Northern Maine, and has enormous amounts of outdoor experience in Colorado, Alaska and wherever the Military sent him ... in addition to many years in the woods and on the waters of Northern Maine. Mike spent a lot of time in the weather on Adak Island, which is at the extreme Western end of the Aleutian Island Chain. The weather on Adak is unforgiving ... wet, rainy, foggy, windy and virtually never warm ... but Mike loved it. Three times in his life, Mike's homes and possessions have been destroyed by natural disaster, and he was forced to live out of his vehicle, with only the few clothes he had with him ... wool figured very prominently. You can read more about Mike's background and his ideas about how to dress for WEATHER ... and get a sense of what a great tester is about, by clicking the link shown below to read Mike's report on his test of our All-Around Jac. When Mike and I first discussed WeatherWool, he was appropriately skeptical, and he told me “If I like it, you'll know. And if I don't like it, you'll know.”

For the warmer half of the year, Mike can be found in the Bangor area or near the coast ... the cooler half of the year, Mike spends a lot of time in the back woods where he cannot be reached except by hiking (with snowshoes!)! ... or maybe helicopter. The North Maine Double Jacket, for which Mike is the lead designer, is his idea. Mike has also given us feedback on our Anoraks, ShirtJacs and WeatherWool in general.

Tester Feedback from Mike - Mike puts WeatherWool through the ultimate field-trials.

Mike Dean as an Outdoor Professional

Here is a collection of pics of Mike ...

WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean in Northern Maine with his All Around JacketMike with a nice rainbow trout.
Mike does a lot of fishing, almost all of it from his kayak.WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean in ShirtJac in Maine with Kayak and Fishing Pole


WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean at Work in MaineIn summer, Mike runs his own exclusive landscaping business
in the beautiful coastal towns of Southern Maine.WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean at work in Coastal Maine

WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean Landscaping in ShirtJac with Log on Shoulder
Mike surprised me with this picture ... he is carrying that log as part of his landscaping work, but it makes me wonder if he was thinking about carrying a log on the beach of Southern California.

WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean at Leisure in his All Around Jacket
Great to have you with us, Mike!!


18 September 2017