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Michael from Virginia

Michael from Virginia


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Specialties:   Nature Photography, Travel, Multiple-Use Clothing for City and Country and Travel

Michael's own words:  “I'm one of these nuts who'll sit in a spot for hours waiting for just the perfect moment of light. And when I travel to faraway places, I need to get the most out of everything I pack or carry. Camera gear takes up so much carry-on space. Having one jacket that replaces a fleece, a rain shell, and a heavy insulation layer is a godsend.  I hardly feel qualified compared to the guides, outdoor experts and survival instructors listed on your site.  I'm just an office-bound professional who loves taking his camera into the great outdoors—and loves wearing WeatherWool.   I'm practically already a walking ad.  I've received compliments on it nearly everywhere I've worn it…  from the shooting range in Virginia to the broker bars of lower Manhattan. I often tell people that if I had five minutes to grab my most important possessions before a disaster, there's no question my All-Around Jacket would be in one hand.”