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WeatherWool Advisor Matt Keating is an All-Around Outdoorsman

Matt Keating


Massachusetts (Monson, South-Central MA):

413-530-0780, Matthew.James.Keating24@gmail.com

Specialties: Bird and Deer Hunting with Shotgun and Muzzleloader, Law Enforcement, Concealed Carry

Matt is an avid outdoorsman with many years experience in the forests of Massachusetts. Matt is also a member of the Sportsman Club of American Legion Post 430, where he swaps ideas and experiences about gear with the other members. As an Officer of the Court, Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry are a big part of Matt’s everyday life.

Matt was one of our first customers and one of our first Advisors. We really appreciate that!!

Matt (Kid Hungry!) is shown wearing our Neck Gaiter in Solid Duff Color and an early All Around Jacket in Lynx Pattern.


14 August 2021 --- Ralph