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Law Enforcement Officer Jacket


A bunch of times over the years, Law Enforcement Officers have asked me if we have anything designed for LEO. The Anorak and All-Around Jacket serve pretty well, but I like the idea of making something specifically for LEO. We have not settled on specs yet ... this page will hopefully spur more people to please let me know what they'd like.

Please note: I have no experience in Law Enforcement. Also, having lived all my life in New Jersey and New York, where the politicians generally despise the 2nd Amendment, I have no personal experience with "carry". Therefore, the specifics of this garment have been suggested by LEO. HUGE THANKS to all who provide ideas!! -- Ralph

You can indicate interest in the LEO Jacket by backordering without obligation (price set to 0) from this page. I am guessing the price of an LEO Jacket would be anywhere from $600 to $900. Latest information about our production is here. Our entire inventory is here.

We've gotten several sets of ideas from LEO professionals. The guy who sort of got me "officially" (a little bit of a joke there) started with this effort is Keith Singleton (InstructorKeith@outlook.com, 740-971-4424), who, after a long career in LE and Public Safety, is now a supplier of equipment to LE organizations nationwide. The following ideas are Keith's: 

  • Use the ShirtJac - AS-IS
  • Add the side zips from Al’s Anorak to allow ready access to a sidearm, whether positioned outside or inside the garment
  • Add a Badge-Holder over left pocket - usually a strip of material with a few holes sewn in.
  • Optional - Loop side VELCRO® Brand fastener patch where badge would be for agencies that use a badge “patch” for outer garments instead of the actual metal shirt badge
  • Add a Loop side VELCRO patches to each arm (so police patches could be added as needed).
  • Add a Loop side VELCRO strip above the right pocket (for name tag) - This could be an OPTION (not all agencies use Velcro name tags - some use hardware).
  • To simplify the jacket (only one model, without options) - ADD VELCRO in all areas mentioned with two holes for the badge VELCRO area (to use real badges). The VELCRO would also protect the wool fabric from wear.

Here is a completely different take from another LEO:

Looking at your Women’s Bomber, I think you have a good profile for an LE coat. It needs to be short to not interfere with a duty belt. I don’t know about a hood, I like hooded jackets but can honestly say I never really seem to use one. I think a close fitting collar to keep wind out would be better. We normally wear hats, and a hood would just be in the way. Also be mindful of a body-worn camera to clip on in center of chest as most departments are now using them.


Here are thoughts from someone working covert security and LEO:

I do have some suggestions but it may not be consistent with other LE recommendations since my approach is mostly covert.

So, for example, the use of Velcro is usually a necessity for Identifying Friend or Foe (IFF) for anything law enforcement but for our line of work Velcro on the shoulders or chest screams military or law enforcement. When we need to be overt, we do that with other internal procedures. So, other than no Velcro, I would probably suggest this:

  • ShirtJac but with a larger collar much like the All Around Jacket. This would not only be for warmth when needed but also to help prevent hot brass from hitting the back of the neck from your buddy shooting close to you.
  • Side zips like the Anorak for firearm accessibility.
  • On the right breast pocket (left edge), have a vertical zipper for an accessory pocket to access either Shield or pistol magazine. Inside this pocket have a diagonal elastic loop holder to hold the pistol mag.
  • On the left arm, diagonal zipper pocket that goes inside the sleeve.


Another set of thoughts from an officer in Federal Drug Enforcement:

  • Police officers love pockets for gear ... there has to be ample storage as feasible ... front side-zip pockets are a favorite. Inside pockets as well. Outside pockets deep enough to store small flashlights and collapsible batons.
  • The option for “double pockets” outside is nice ... zippered pockets to store gear with an outer pocket to slip hands inside to keep warm with no zipper.
  • I saw some discussion on the hood. LEO Jackets that have worked best in the past (IMHO) have always had beefy collars to provide protection from the elements yet they maintained the option of a zippered and detachable hood. I hate to see the hood option merely disappear because many LEOs like using them. A detachable hood option provides the best of both. I guess the hood could also be a potential “add-on” accessory if the purchaser didn’t want one initially.
  • The jackets need deep armpit gussets for mobility. LEO’s are fearful of restricted mobility with outerwear when it comes to use-of-force encounters.
  • Maybe even a few vent holes for additional breathability (?)
  • Must have side-zips for weapon access.
  • Many LEOs need (or desire) access to radio hand mics on the outside of the coat. Some newer jackets have the ability to clip the hand-mic to a sewn-in loop or epaulet on the outside of the jacket ... and there is a small flapped access hole to feed the mic cord through for when it mounts to the actual police radio on the belt. Just an idea.



WeatherWool is at present being worn on Active Duty by people the Diplomatic Security Service, Office of Secure Transport, US Marshall Service, Air Force Explosive Ordnance Security Detail and others. I will be checking with all of these people for more ideas.

If you have any interest, please let us know. Like always, ideas are very welcome ... doubly so for any Pipeline Product --- Thanks --- Ralph 

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4 May 2020