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Lacie and Trevor Hansen

Lacie and Trevor Hansen

Trevor Hansen:  8017108921
Lacie Hansen:  8017913014

Specialties: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting

Trevor and Lacie met in the summer of 2010; they were then married the following summer in 2011. Both of them were fairly young. Trevor was 21 and Lacie was 19 almost 20. Their family grew quickly when 3 months after getting married finding out they were going to have a baby! Wow, very unexpected but you got to roll with the timeline you are given.

Then decided they wanted their kids 2 years apart. Their family now is a family of 5 and they love every minute of it. Staying really busy with Triggin being 5, Wayne being 3 and Dena who is 1 at this time. To say they love to be outdoors is an understatement! Enjoying every minute they can get in the mountains. Both have lived in Utah their entire lives and being in the mountains is like second homes to them.

They love going Hunting, Camping, Hiking, and Fishing. All of which taking WeatherWool with them. Most recent trip was going to Alaska, which hunting in Alaska even in September got really cold! “Without the WeatherWool I don’t think we would have had as much fun as we did.”

“We both enjoy it and recommend it to anyone for any activity! Whether it’s a dinner date with your significant other, or out in the mountains we wear our WeatherWool! You can call either of us or email us anytime to talk things over, or if you are in Utah we can meet up and you can come check out our Anoraks.”