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Factory Seconds All Around Jacket, 2XL, Drab

Factory Seconds All Around Jacket, 2XL, Drab

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We just noticed this All-Around Jacket is not 100% up to specification …

The Jacket is a Size 2XLarge, Solid Drab Color.

This AAJ has a lighter-gauge zipper on the right cargo pocket than is specified in our tailoring pattern. This AAJ is still brand new, and nothing else wrong with it, but because of the slightly different zipper it didn't pass the inspection as a factory production AAJ.

The zippers for the cargo pockets are hidden underneath the flap, so they are normally not even visible, and the small-gauge zipper will function almost identically to the spec.

Retails for $850 and for sale here for $820.

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 Listed on 08/19/2019