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On Special, we have 2 Boonies in Large Lynx.  There is a very minor spot in the crown on the hat.  Mark was left during sewing.  A great opportunity to buy this all-around hat as discount. Everything is the same as our regularly priced Boonie.

  • Adjustable paracord strap
  • 2.5 inch brim
  • FullWeight WeatherWool Jacquard Merino fabric
  • Soft and easy to pack
  • Sewn with hydrophobic thread; especially important on stitching of brim
  • Large Boonie weighs 6 oz

The Boonie is made completely of our FullWeight Fabric. It’s a full-size hat, and like the Walker Hat, most people will be able to wear it fairly high on the head or pulled down to protect the tops of the ears. I've worn the Boonie in chilly, windy weather, down around 20F/-7C and was a little surprised with how well it performed. I knew it would keep my head warm, but did not expect it to keep my ears totally comfortable. But the brim of the hat resting on my ears and sort of tucking them against my head made the Boonie comfortable in some fairly cool weather.

The Boonie has a soft and flexible but serious brim, almost 2.5 inches (6 cm) ... enough of a brim to keep rain and snow off your face and ears and guide dripping water outside your collar and onto your jacket, not down your neck or back. The brim is also big enough to keep the weather well off your face and eyeglasses. The Boonie will shed a ridiculous amount of rain, and snow is a complete non-factor.

This hat will really perform in the field, but will not be out of place in dressier situations. And that may be more significant than I had previously thought, because lately we have been seeing ladies wear our Boonie Hat in a decidedly different manner than men. The ladies have sometimes been wearing the Boonie pulled down lower, over the ears and down low on the head, with the forehead inside the Hat. It makes the Boonie into almost an entirely different Hat ... a Fashion Hat! ... but it sure looks great that way, and it certainly provides the head with serious protection against the weather.

The picture below shows a Boonie Hat in Lynx Pattern that has been stiffened a little, and a Boonie Hat in DRAB that had been stuffed into a pocket. Traditionally, people wear the Boonie as a ‘floppy’ Hat, like the DRAB one pictured here. But it can also be starched or sized (placed over a form) for a little bit more of a formal look.