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Luxurious, comfortable, warm and heavy blankets. Like WeatherWool garments, these Blankets are heirloom pieces.

When we began making WeatherWool, we did not anticipate making items like Blankets or Scarves. But in order to make the performance outerwear that has always been our primary goal, we developed an extremely pure, soft and luxurious Rambouillet Merino Wool Fabric. And people kept saying that we should make more items that would really feature it.

So, we made a few Blankets, without really thinking of Blankets as products we would show on the website.  But those Blankets were very well received, and lately several more people have asked for Blankets. So, we now offer Blankets on the website, but until we make some more we won't have quality pictures. Thanks for your patience.

Blankets are available in the following sizes

  • Crib: 45 inches (114 cm) by 60 inches (152 cm).
  • Stadium/Picnic: 51 inches (130 cm) x 96 inches (244 cm).
  • Twin: 66 inches (168 cm) by 96 inches (244 cm).
  • Double: 80 inches (203 cm) by 96 inches (244 cm).
  • Queen: 90 inches (229 cm) by 96 inches (244 cm). And that is a lot of wool ... the Blanket weighs over 10 pounds (4.5 kg). This is the only one we have weighed, so far!
  • King: 108 inches (274 cm) by 96 inches (244 cm).

The pictured Queen-size Blankets have main panels in our Lynx Pattern with Duff borders and Drab panels with Black borders.

Please call if you have a special request.  When designing Blankets, we need to bear in mind the width of our bolts of Fabric, which is 43 inches (109 cm). So the Stadium Blanket, for example, is made from one central panel (43 inches / 109 cm) with a 4 inch (10 cm) border all around. The Queen Blankets have a large central panel and smaller, matching panels on each side ... each panel set off from its neighbors by the same Fabric as used for the border of the Blanket.

The Blankets are made mainly by request, but we may have one or two in stock at times.

You can also order Fabric, and make your own Blanket.

Unless specified otherwise, Blankets will be made as follows:

  • FullWeight Fabric
  • Black Blankets will have Drab Borders
  • Drab Blankets will have Black Borders
  • Duff Blankets will have Black Borders
  • Lynx Blankets will have Duff Borders

Thank You! --- Ralph & Family

30 March 2018