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WeatherWool Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern
Al's Anorak in Lynx by WeatherWool is great for hunting and city and favored by US Special Forces
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Merino, hidden chest pocket

Al's Anoraks, 2nd Generation, "Industry-Standard" Merrowing Thread

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On the main page for the Anoraks we are offering the 3rd Generation of Al's Anoraks. Please visit that page for the primary description ...  Below is a list of the differences between the 3rd and 2nd Generation Anoraks. The only difference between these Anoraks and the other 2nd Generation Anoraks is that our tailors thought they were helping us out by using some industry-standard merrowing thread instead of our Military-grade thread.  Merrowing stitches are used to prevent the ends of Fabric from unraveling ... merrow is not load-bearing ... so the tailors used the less-expensive thread that everyone else uses for merrowing. Fortunately, they remembered our strict requirement of "pure-American", so they used American thread. And the merrowing thread is polyester, which does not absorb water ... so really, there is no harm done ... except that because of this thread, these Anoraks do not completely meet our spec.

The 2nd Generation Anoraks have all the features of the 3rd Generation Anoraks, except:

  • Loop at the back of the neck to hang the Anorak. I personally didn't even want to add the loop but others did, particularly the Military. I think you can hang the Anorak just as well by crossing the sleeves over a peg.
  • Waist cinch
  • Internal divider in the main front pouch
  • Second chest pocket on right side
  • Cell phone sub-pocket on left check pocket
  • 3rd button to tighten cuffs (cuffs have two-button adjustment)
  • Cuff adjustment strap is higher on the wrist
  • Hood adjustment clips must be tightened with two hands, and can be released with one hand



15 May 2018