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Victoria Island, Canada

13 April, 2016

Jeff Cook is a very serious outdoorsman who has worn WeatherWool in as many different conditions as anyone. He's given us plenty of valuable suggestions, and we are really lucky to have a customer like Jeff!

Here Jeff is wearing WeatherWool Pants and Al's Anorak, both in FullWeight Fabric in LYNX Pattern. Jeff was on Victoria Island, in Canada's Far North. The temperature ranged from a high of -25F/-32C down to -40F/-40C. (Fahrenheit and Celsius scales do cross at -40, but I've never experienced that much cold!) And those were thermometer temperatures, without wind chill. This is a truly severe environment!!

These prehistoric looking beasts are Muskox. Their qiviut is some of the most valuable fiber in the world, and their meat is extremely well regarded.