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Production and Inventory Status

13 October 2019

Because people have been asking for it ... This page gives a snapshot, in general terms, of current production and inventory status. We'll update whenever there is a significant change. The BLOG has this as well as lots of other info.


We have hundreds of items on hand, but from our point of view we are very low on inventory because hundreds of items, across all our products, sizes, Fabric weights and colors is not much. We can fill only about 25% of the orders coming in. We do not charge people until we ship the order ... unfilled orders are added to our waiting list. When we prepare to make an item, we contact everyone on the waiting list, and people can then cancel, change or confirm. Every order placed prior to production will be filled. And of course knowing exactly what to make is a huge help.

At present, we have 0 Fabric. BUT we have just seen the first sample of our MidWeight Fabric in Solid Drab Color, and it looks great. So the next run of Fabric is getting close. If everything continues to go right, we'll go into full production and hopefully by year end, have enough Fabric to fill all orders and still make a lot more garments. But getting things just the way we want is crucial. We won't proceed until everything is right.

Neck Gaiters, because they are knitted rather than woven, are a totally separate beast and we hope to have them ready for shipping by mid-November.

I will update this page when I have more info.

THANKS --- Ralph (& Family)