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From Matt Ballantine in Minnesota, January 2016

Ralph - Here are my thoughts on your WeatherWool FullWeight pants, vest and hoodie. Having spent the lions share of my 54 years outdoors chasing anything with fur, fins, or feathers and guiding others with the same passion I feel I have found a product that becomes immediately part of your gear. What I mean by that is how many times have you tried new wool or a synthetic and found the wind blows through or it is too noisy and you end up trying to make it work. This is what struck me about the WeatherWool ... I started wearing it and that was it, it worked! I have watched clients over the years really struggle to stay warm in Minnesota and I think there are three components to this; one moisture management from inside (sweat) and outside (rain, snow, sleet, etc., and usually all in one day in Minnesota), second the wind- it never seems to stop, and third having enough insulating qualities to keep warm. The WeatherWool accomplishes this better than anything else I have tried like KOM [King of the Mountain], SID [Sleeping Indian Designs], etc., and it is so cozy and comfortable against the skin. I'm not suggesting you leave the pack-able down jacket at home when you portage 7 times (talk about sweat) and then sit for 8 hours until dark in 10 degrees with a 15 mile an hour wind, but the WeatherWool will become part of the gear that makes this possible! I love the stuff and will recommend it to my clients and friends. Thanks for the dedication it must have taken to bring this product to market. Take care.

Sincerely, Matt Ballantine




December 2015, Robert Gauthier, a dairy farmer and utility lineman from Millbury, Massachusetts wrote us:

I got the hoodie last night, fits great, really like the color. I was surprised because, although it feels heavy in weight, the fabric is thinner than I had expected.

I wore it to dinner last night, and was very comfortable. Today I had it on at work. It was about 40 degrees with a stiff wind and ice melt running off the poles and wires. I was warm and dry with just a T-shirt underneath, all day.

The hood fits fine with room to spare over my hard hat. It is tricky to wear the hood underneath like I normally do though. The seams on hood prevent the suspension of the hard hat from seating properly on my head.

The only real negative I have noticed so far is that there is no protection for my neck. This isn't a huge problem, but I will have to address it for those occasional blizzards I'll be working 18 hour shifts in.,

I will email you again soon with more feedback, so for now I'll sum up how I feel about the hoodie. The quality of the construction, and materials are unquestionable, and I feel proud to wear a truly American product. Thank you.

Robert later wrote again:

Hey Ralph,
Sorry for being so slow getting back to you. Don't get me wrong here, I am very impressed with the performance of this hoodie. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be planning on buying more WeatherWool. The weather has been cold and very windy, most days gusting around 30. This morning was -5 and gusting, even my highland cattle looked cold! Put on a t-shirt, light merino base, my hoodie, and a vest, I was good to go. Whereas, before I would be wearing at least thermals, a t-shirt, two sweatshirts, and a vest. For me, losing just one extra layer is a big deal. So, basically, your Hoodie does the work of two cotton sweatshirts. And at the same time it wicks away moisture better than cotton ever could.
This is the most expensive Hoodie I've ever seen, but it does what you guys designed it to do, and it's made in America. That makes it worth the money for me.


September 2015