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Genopalette McMurray Ranch, Missouri

The McMurry Ranch is really two Ranches operated by the McMurry Family in Southwest Missouri..  The McMurry's are raising some super breeding stock and their wool is actually their secondary product ... the proof of their bloodlines.Andy McMurry's breeding stock has been sold to many ranches throughout the USA.   Andy has also had interest from Italy and Canada, and a grower from New Zealand would love to introduce some of the Genopalette genetics to his ranch, but government regulations, both import and export, make this sort of thing difficult to impossible.

Andy and I have not met in person yet, but we have spoken on the phone and corresponded quite a bit.

Here is how Andy described Genopalette  luxury wool production in America's heartland since 1988. We specialize in an exclusive palette of undyed earth-tone colors grown by our natural colored Merino sheep."

We are very intrigued by Andy's work with Naturally Colored Merino Sheep. But many processors don't want colored fiber anywhere near their equipment, for fear of mixing colored with uncolored wool. But still ... how great would it be to make our Fabrics without any dye at all??!!

Genopalette stock's genetics are actually 100% Southern Hemisphere. Andy started with live imports from New Zealand and uses sires from New Zealand and Australia with some South African Merino influence. But -- very important to us -- Of course all of the wool we have purchased from Andy was grown here in America.

The sheep in the picture below may well have grown some of the fiber from which we are now making garments!