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WeatherWool Advisor Matt Ballantine is an All-Around Outdoorsman
WeatherWool Advisor Matt Ballantine is an All-Around Outdoorsman

Matt Ballantine



MattBallantine@gmail.com, 612-991-1553

Specialties:  camping (canoe and backpack), winter in Minnesota, hunting with guns and bows, fishing

Matt has long served as a guide for friends and family on various types of hunting and fishing outings in several States -- primarily Minnesota but also the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming and Wisconsin. Matt plans to eventually formalize his guiding. Among his favorite trips are backpack camping, snowshoe camping, and canoe camping. Matt enjoys extended fishing and hunting trips by canoe and snowshoe in the big wilderness of Northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area. These trips require very careful preparation because of the remote, difficult area, and because extensive portage is standard until freeze-over. The Boundary Waters is a true wilderness where wolves are common and mistakes or gear failure can be catastrophic.

Matt owns a large boat and trolling the big waters on the Great Lakes and Lake of the Woods is a favorite activity.

Matt holds a Federal Firearms License and enjoys building guns.  

Matt hunts with firearms and bow. Recent shoulder surgery has pushed him from a traditional bow to compound, but he is getting back to traditional archery as his shoulder recovers. 

Love of Nature and pursuit of Wild Foods is a big part of what motivates Matt and he appreciates that WeatherWool helps him to get out there in comfort.
29 October 2022