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Generation 2 Al's Anorak in MidWeight

Generation 2 Al's Anorak in MidWeight


(Please click here for details about the Generation 3 Al's Anorak)

Both of the Gen 2 Anoraks shown below have gone out for try-on, but we'll leave them here, available to order, in case they come back to us. Of course you will be charged only when we actually ship to you.

  • MidWeight Fabric, size Large, Solid Drab Color
  • MidWeight Fabric, size XLarge, Solid Drab Color (just sold)

These last Gen 2 Anoraks are $475 

Here are differences between the Generation 2 Anorak and the Gen 3:

  • One chest pocket instead of 2.
  • Two buttons on the cuff instead of three.
  • No elastic loops inside the pouch pocket.
  • No elastic waist adjustment on the back of the 2.0 Anorak.




10 February 2020