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Watch Cap


Since we first began offering Hats, people have been asking us for a Watch Cap.

Mostly, people don't realize that our other Hats have all been made with woven Fabric, but Watch Caps are always knitted. And knits and wovens are so different that making a knit, for us, is a lot like starting all over again. However, because of a crazy adventure making the cuffs of our Hoodie, we were forced to nibble a little at knitting ... and then we made a Neck Gaiter ... and now a Watch Cap isn't so far afield.

So, we have made several different Prototype Watch Caps, and Advisor Jesse Manuta has done some heavy-duty testing -- with great results -- of the one we liked best.

I was foolish to send that Prototype Watch Cap to Jesse without taking any photos. We'll ask Jesse to send a few images.

One other big concern we have ... given the cost of our yarn and our preference for customized, premium production techniques, we'll need to charge about $75, and we don't know whether that will be accepted.

These Watch Caps will be 100% pure Merino -- no fillers or any other materials will be used. And like all WeatherWool products, 100% American in manufacture and materials.

The Watch Caps will be quite "stretchy", but all the stretch and spring will come from the knitting pattern ... we will not use any elastic or anything other than wool to make the Caps. We will add a WeatherWool label that will be very easy to remove because the labels cannot be made from wool and will therefore, even though small, detract from performance in severe conditions.

One wrinkle we'll offer that is a little different is a 2-color reversible Watch Cap. Because the Watch Cap will be, essentially, two separate layers of wool, knitted together at the crown, the caps will be reversible, whether made with one or two colors. Testing has shown that you can get one layer wet with rain and have the inner layer dry ... or, conversely, the inner layer can be wet with sweat, and the Cap can then be reversed, placing the dry outer layer to the inside. 

In late April we plan to offer a small number of Watch Caps to people who want to test them. I think we'll offer these at $50, less than our cost of fulfillment, because  we want to get people's thoughts. We hope anyone who buys will help us test the Caps.

Right now we are trying to figure how many of the Caps should be made in two different colors. My own thinking is might as well make ALL of them two different colors ... sometimes one color or the other will be preferred. And if you are reversing the Cap because of heavy perspiration, you probably won't care much about the color.

In any case, the two separate layers will also greatly enhance the Cap's rain resistance.

Click for background information on the manufacture of the Watch Cap.

You can indicate interest in the Watch Cap by backordering without obligation (price set to 0) from this page. Latest information about our production is here. Our entire inventory is here.

If you have any interest, please let us know. Like always, ideas are very welcome ... doubly so for any Pipeline Product --- Thanks --- Ralph 

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10 May 2020