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Recently, we have been corresponding with Will Cooke, who has spent years on the trail, living with only a rucksack and the clothes he wore. Will's ideas for Trail Pants are presented here. Will also provided ideas for a Trail Poncho suitable for (extremely) extended wear.

We welcome Will as the lead designer of the Trail Pants and Trail Poncho. Whether or not these ideas will generate enough interest for us to actually make a production run remains to be seen. But we won't know unless we invite comments.

You can indicate interest in the Trail Pants by backordering without obligation (price set to 0) from this page. We expect the price of the Trail Pants to be somewhere around $575. Latest information about our production is here. Our entire inventory is here.

I hope Will forgives me for calling these PANTS instead of TROUSERS. The great majority of our customers are American or Canadian! And I know on Will's side of the pond, PANTS are what Americans call UNDERWEAR. Funny. Anyhow, here are Trail Trousers design ideas as Will sent them to me [barely edited]:

As with the Poncho design, the idea behind this trouser design would be to serve the user in the widest possible range of ways, the combination of the trousers and poncho with their adaptations providing near complete spring, autumn and winter clothing and protection and a summer sleep system which may serve some into the colder nighttime temperatures of spring and autumn. Two items that when combined serve well year-round. The added weight of the wool again becomes less of an issue as the garments serve so many uses and mean various other, extra items no longer need to be carried.

Due to thru-hiking being such a strenuous activity full wool trousers will, in my opinion be too warm on many occasions throughout a single day and many times through a multi-month walk. At times the temperature may make them completely unwearable. Making them zip-off trousers that can become shorts opens up a larger spectrum of weather they can be used in. With a few custom tweaks, the zip-off function would bring extra features and versatility as well.
Adding a drawcord tightener below the zip on the calf section would enable the bottom section of the trousers to become high-quality protective wool gaiters, adding a shoelace hook on the bottom hem improving this feature. This would mean if the weather is warm making even the shorts too hot, the bottom of the trousers are still functional and can be used if one is crossing very muddy or debris filled terrain to protect the shoes and socks from invasive dirt. They could also be used to enhance the sleep system in a novel way, for many people, including myself cold feet are an issue in the night. If one unzips the bottom section of the trouser, it can then be lowered and cinched around the ankle and foot, creating little night booties, cold calves are not usually an issue so the exposure there shouldn't cause any problems. The zips can be fully or partially undone to quickly dump excess heat from the legs and groin and get some cool air circulating, then quickly closed back up. Another random feature would be using one of the removable sections as a makeshift oven glove when handling hot pots on the camp fire/stove. The combination of the above mentioned Poncho and zip-off trousers combined with a few other ultralight items would serve most of the year for a thru-hike or any adventure or outdoor lifestyle. I'm not aware of any products on the market that would offer what these two items would.    Again forgive me for getting a little carried away here, these ideas are the product of years of living in nature and walking vast distances and during this time this mind I have is always trying to refine and perfect what is carried and lived in. If you were to make these items they would literally be lived in and used 365 days a year.


WeatherWool is working with Will Cooke, who has huge experience living out of a backpack for months on end, to design extremely versatile, pure Merino Jacquard Wool Trail Ponchos and Trail Pants that can be worn and used night and day in a wide variety of ways in many weather conditions

If you have any interest in these Pants, please let us know. Like always, ideas are very welcome ... doubly so for any Pipeline Product --- Thanks --- Ralph 

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29 April 2020