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Short Cape
Short Cape

Short Cape


PLEASE NOTE:  The Short Cape is under development. Ideas are presented on this page. You can indicate interest in the Short Cape by backordering without obligation (price set to 0) from this page. Latest information about our production is here. Our entire inventory is here.

We've had quite a few requests for a short, removable cape that could be worn over our other garments.

The Short Cape:

  • could be a single or double layer of our MidWeight or FullWeight Fabrics
  • double-layered Short Capes could be reversible, with different colors on each side
  • will probably have button holes to receive the buttons on the back of the collar of our All-Around Jacket and potentially other pieces
  • will have a front opening secured by zipper or Slot Buttons
  • may have straps that go under the arms to help hold the Short Cape in place. In the little bit of testing I've done, it didn't seem like these were necessary. But in high wind they might be important
  • will extend an inch or two beyond the shoulders to keep rain from falling directly on the shoulders and upper arms
  • probably a small pocket or two because people always want pockets for phone, money, ID

    We'll see how this develops. We made one so far, and on one short test it was OK, but a lot of trial and testing needs to happen before I feel comfortable calling it a real product.

    The prototype in the photos is made with some nice wool that is suitable for design development but it's not our Fabric and definitely not our color!

    If you have any interest, please let us know. Like always, ideas are very welcome ... doubly so for any Pipeline Product --- Thanks --- Ralph 

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    29 March 2020