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WeatherWool Ball Cap is a serious piece of outdoor equipment ... not just a Ball Cap!!
WeatherWool Ball Cap is a serious piece of outdoor equipment ... not just a Ball Cap!! Merino Ball Cap from WeatherWool , Made in USA
WeatherWool Ball Cap with leather brim, merino wool with back adjustment. WeatherWool Ball Cap is a serious piece of outdoor equipment ... not just a Ball Cap!!
Ball Cap

Ball Cap


We are sold out of Ball Caps. We won't be making more woven Hats of any kind for a while ... I hope 2024, but WOW, we have a lot of things to do!!

The Ball Caps will probably be $75 when we offer them again ... hopefully in 2024.

The WeatherWool Ball Cap will perform well in conditions that are too cold or wet for the typical ball cap. And of course, it will keep the sun and snow and rain off your face.

Our Ball Cap is made from our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric, and is offered in either Lynx Pattern or Solid Drab Color, in sizes Small/Medium and Large/XLarge.

Both size caps feature a 3 inch (7.6 cm) bill of stitched, very fine, supple leather. The leather is stiff enough to enable the bill to function as it should, but supple enough to enable the hat to be folded into a pocket.

These Caps cover a larger portion of the head than the typical ball cap. We decided to go with a larger crown on the hat because it is made with our FullWeight wool. You can wear the hat a little higher on your head if you like, or if it's chilly, you can lower the hat and protect your ears, something you cannot do with a normal ball cap. This hat will be fairly comfortable in warm weather, great in cool weather and adequate for below-freezing temperatures, which is unusual for this style of cap. Snow won't matter at all, and the hat will also shed as much rain as you might want ... but because the brim is only in the front, you may notice water running off the sides and the back. But at least your head and face will stay dry. I've worn this cap in tremendous rain and been very surprised at how well it worked.

Lynx Pattern Cap has a dark brown, flexible leather brim; Drab Cap has a black leather brim. Adjustable leather strap with buckle in the back.

Sizing (head circumference where you plan to wear the hat)

  • Small/Medium: 21-22.25 inches (6 3/4 - 7 1/8)
  • Large/XLarge:  22.5-24 inches   (7 1/4 - 8)

More pictures and details about WeatherWool Construction

The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022, and we've been nearly out of Ball Caps since long before then. We'll make more!


25 December 2023 --- Ralph