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WeatherWool Offers Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate from WeatherWool LLC

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We are happy to offer WeatherWool Gift Certificates.

  • Our Gift Certificates are available in any amount you wish. If your amount is not available on the pull-down menu, please just give us a call
  • We can send the Gift Certificate to you, or to anyone you choose, along with a card ... anywhere in the world
  • If a Certificate is not completely used, the remaining value can be refunded
  • Gift Certificates may be used for any WeatherWool product
  • Gift Certificates do not expire
  • Please understand that we do not have all products/sizes/colors at all times
  • Items purchased with Gift Certificates are furnished under the same Warranty as all other WeatherWool ... they can be exchanged or returned for full refund, even after heavy-duty use. Basically, we can't have anyone unhappy, particularly with a gift!


6 December 2019