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WarriorWool™ Program

We are honored that Al's Anorak has been tested and used and is desired by members of multiple units in the United States Military. Our ongoing WarriorWool Program enables donors to provide Anoraks to specific units of the Military where we are in contact with people who have themselves used our Anorak and are in a position to provide donated Anoraks to men with whom they serve.

Interested people can order our Anorak through the WarriorWool program at what is for us a break-even price.

Other Military and Government Service Personnel who would like to wear WeatherWool for Active Duty, or disabled vets, please get in touch with us.  

LASTLY, IMPORTANTLY:  This program represents no official endorsement or recommendation of WeatherWool from any government entity. Individuals participating in our WarriorWool program are expressing a personal preference.

The WeatherWool Team.