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WeatherWool is “Hardcore Luxury” ... The garment chosen for protection in extreme conditions is also chosen for city-style and comfort.

WeatherWool offers the best pure-American, pure-Wool apparel we can figure out how to make.   Click here to read Testimonials from outdoor pros who prefer WeatherWool to everything else.    “Clothes are your primary shelter!” ... a great line from Advisor Bill McConnell of TV's Dual Survival.

NO RISK:   Give WeatherWool your toughest field test ... get a refund if you want.


WeatherWool is made to keep you comfortable in a wide variety of weather conditions.   A pair of WeatherWool Pants (no longjohns needed because our wool is comfortable on the skin) and one of our Jackets will handle temperatures from well below freezing all the way up to room temp.   Snow doesn't matter at all, and WeatherWool sheds plenty of rain and wind.    If you want to go from a sub-freezing outing on the plains straight to dinner in a nice restaurant, you won't need to change a thing.

We believe Nature has provided the best material for outdoor wear -- wool.  If we thought there was something better than wool we certainly would not be doing this.

The best woolens can only be made from the best fleece, which we select with extreme care from America's top sheep breeders and ranchers – families that we make a point of getting to know personally.    We do not buy fabric.   We start with the finest raw wool available, and our wool is custom-processed every step of the way through the entire production process.   Last time we bought raw wool, we paid 5 times the price that ‘run of the mill’ fabric is made from.

We start with “American sheep eating American grass” and stay home every step of the way.   All materials and all workmanship, all-American, always.

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We use only the very best of everything ... except at present this website is still handled by WeatherWool's founder because I update it several times a week and we can't have the delay that would be involved if we used an outside web-pro.   But ... we are working on a website as nice as WeatherWool itself.

WeatherWool is a ‘sheep to shirt’ operation ... We know the ranchers who raised the sheep.     We know the scourers and the millers.   We know the pattern makers, the tailors, the people who knit our cuffs,  and the suppliers of our buttons, thread, zippers.    We oversee the handling of our wool every step of the way.  And now that the ranchers who raised our fleece wear WeatherWool, we are ‘sheep to shirt to shepherd’.

Although we began work on WeatherWool in 2009, it was not until 2013 we began offering our first true production garments.   Development of our FullWeight Fabric took three years.    We now have a complete line of clothing, hats and some extras.

Of course we will continue to test and modify, that will never stop.    We are always interested in new ideas.    So if you think of a new item, or an improvement to something already out there, please let us know.   Seriously!

We look forward to working with everyone who spends time outdoors in the weather.   And we do mean everyone.   We particularly would like to hear from women.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:   We normally ship in-stock orders same day.   Standard shipping is free in the USA.   NO SALES TAX.    Give our garments a serious field-test and get a refund if you are not happy.    We're making the best we can figure out how to make.   We can't have unhappy customers.   And I'm too old for aggravation or fine print.    We are not going to share your info with other people.

Wear some Real Fleece, made by Sheep!
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