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14 June 2017


Detailed descriptions of each of our current offerings are available by clicking the links below.   We are always looking for new ideas, so if you think of something, please let us know.

And we are feeling really good about what we offer.   You are welcome to test WeatherWool out in the tough stuff and return it for a refund if you are not happy.   So far, no such refund requests.


Please click here for a picture of our  Fabric colors.   From top to bottom:  DUFF, DRAB, LYNX Pattern and BLACK.

WarriorWool™:   Donate WeatherWool to the United States Military.

Jackets and Coats:
All-Around Jacket ... The All-Around Jac is our most basic item.
North Maine Double Jacket ... Under development.   The NMDJ will be very much like the All-Around Jac, but with an additional layer of FullWeight Fabric.
Al’s Anorak ... Al's Anorak is similar to the Hooded Sweatshirt but in a Pullover design.   Al's Anorak also has side zips for a more tapered fit.   This has proven to be our most popular design..
Hoodie ... Classic Hoodie design available for sale now with more coming.
Ladies Blanket Coat ... We have here a simple and elegant Coat.
Ladies Bomber Jacket ... This is a very popular design.
Ladies Field Jacket ... Designed for field and for city.
Mouton Jacket ... Like the Mouton Vest, but with full sleeves and built to deal with some very serious cold and wind.
Mouton Greatcoat ... We are working on a Mouton Greatcoat that will be similar to the Mouton Vest and Mouton Jacket, but much longer, and with removable sleeves and bottom section.   Like something out of Old Russia, to handle the worst of winter in elegant style.
Ski Jacket ... Extremely versatile Jacket designed for a lot of different activities.

We are very happy with our ShirtJac design.    We really have one design with two ShirtJacs ... one in MidWeight Fabric and one in FullWeight Fabric.

Pants and Bibs:
Pants ... Pants in both FullWeight and Midweight Fabrics.
Ladies Pants ... These are available in FullWeight or MidWeight Fabric.
Bibs ... We have made several protos and we are working on another update for more testing  courtesy of an outdoors professional in Canada's beautiful and extreme Yukon.

Basic Vest ... A very versatile Vest and another piece of WeatherWool that will really work in a lot of different settings.
Mouton Vest ... Lined with Mouton Fur, this is a serious piece of warm.

Poncho ... One of the oldest garment designs.   Our Poncho also serves as a blanket.

Head and Neck:
Hats ... We offer 5 different types of Hats.
Hoods ... We are offering two types of Hoods.
Neck Gaiter ... A supersoft Merino knit that can be worn many different ways.
Scarves ... We didn't expect to be making scarves, but quite a few people suggested we should because our fabric is so soft and comfortable on the skin.    We’ve just finished our first Scarves.   They are wide and long and very luxurious.

Boots:  We didn't expect to be making boots when we started WeatherWool, but you never know where events may lead you!

Mittens and Muff
Mittens ... We have begun work on Mittens.   “First Protos” for US Army.
Muff ... Everyone loves this Muff, available in four colors and lined with warm, soft and super-insulating natural Mouton Fur.

Blanket ... We have made a couple of Blankets sized for Queen Beds ... which means a Big Blanket.    But we can make other sizes and shapes, too.   Just let us know.
Pillows ... We have made a couple of Pillows because people have asked for them.    We did not envision this, but we try to do what customers request and pillows are pretty easy.
Tote (Carry Bag) ... We made a few Totes, or Carry Bags, and people really liked them, so ...

Fabric and Pelts:
Fabric ... A number of people have had their own ideas about things they'd like to make with our Fabric.   That's flattering, and it is always interesting to hear what others are thinking.    So sometimes we are happy to sell Fabric.
Mouton Furs ... We use natural Mouton Fur (super-select, tanned lamb pelts) for a few of our items and people liked the Mouton so much we were getting requests to buy the Fur as is.

We have lots of prototypes, some discontinued pieces, some items where we were not satisfied with the sewing, some garments that we changed but still have some of the old version ... no sense letting the house fill up with good wool that could be out in the weather keeping someone comfortable.

We offer discounts to Testers, Guides and Outfitters, Military, Law Enforcement and Conservation Officers.                                                                                                       973-761-1776

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