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18 September 2014

Detailed descriptions of each of our current offerings are available by clicking the links below.   We are still growing our line, but we can offer a pretty complete outfit now.

At left, Alex is wearing a Big Brim Boonie Hat in BLACK, an All-Around Jac in LYNX Pattern, a Basic Vest in LYNX Pattern, a MidWeight Shirt in DRAB, FullWeight Pants in DRAB and his hands are in a BLACK Muff.

For now:

  • Hats ... we offer 5 different types of Hats.
  • Hoods ... we are offering two types of Hoods
  • FullWeight Pants ... FullWeight Pants in stock now.
  • MidWeight Pants ... We also have size 34, 36 and 36 MidWeight Pants available for those who would like to help us test.
  • Bibs ... Just getting started on our first prototypes.
  • Ladies Pants ... in development, but we expect to offer Ladies Pants before the winter.
  • The All-Around Jacket ... The All-Around Jac is our most basic item.
  • Hooded Sweatshirt ... Still in development but we are close to signing off on the design and going into production.
  • Ladies Jacket ... We are close to putting the Ladies Jacket into production.   With an optional luxurious Mouton Fur collar.
  • Muff ... We love this Muff, available in four colors and lined with warm, soft and super-insulating natural Mouton Fur
  • Basic Vest ... A very versatile Vest and another piece of WeatherWool that will really work in a lot of different settings.
  • Mouton Vest ... We are putting the finishing touches on yet another prototype of the Mouton Vest.    This is a serious piece of warm.
  • Mouton Jacket ... We are just now, after a lot of discussion, starting work on our first Mouton Jacket.    Like the Mouton Vest, but with full sleeves and built to deal with some very serious cold and wind.
  • Scarves ... We didn't expect to be making scarves, but quite a few people suggested we should because our fabric is so soft and comfortable on the skin.    Right now we are testing different yarns and stitches to make the best border.   We'll have some scarves before it gets cold and in plenty of time for Christmas stockings.
  • Poncho ... We are considering various Poncho designs.   But Ponchos come in enormous variety of styles, shapes, sizes, color configurations.   We can make the Poncho you want.    Give us a call.
  • Blanket ... With so much else to do, we have not gotten round to making a Blanket yet, but kind of like Scarves, people are telling us we need to make one so our Fabric can really be enjoyed    So we'll make a few blankets before long  .   And if you want a Blanket, let us know.    Size, patterns, colors, shape ... pretty wide open.
  • MidWeight Shirt ... We made exactly ONE MidWeight Shirt this spring and it tested great for softness and comfort, and it was really nice to wear even in warm weather.    Now we are testing the same MidWeight Fabric in Pants.   If the Pants test out OK, we'll make the MidWeight Shirt in production, along with the MidWeight Pants.
  • Ski Jacket ... We are beginning work on our first prototype SkiJac.
  • Mouton Furs ... We use natural Mouton Fur (super-select, tanned pelts of meat lamb) for a few of our items and people liked the Mouton so much we were getting requests to buy the Fur as is.
  • Fabric ... A number of people have had their own ideas about things they'd like to make with our Fabric.   That’s flattering, and always interesting to hear what others are thinking.    So sometimes we sell Fabric ... when we have more Fabric than we have plans for.    Please visit our Fabric page if you are interested.    Thanks.
  • WarWool ... FullWeight Pants and All-Around Jac we are designing for the Navy SEALs, plus a program for our customers who might want to donate these clothes to a SEAL.
  • General Descriptions and Discussion ... What we are trying to do, what we have been up to.   Some history, some talk about wool.    Why we believe wool is the best bet for all-around outdoor wear.
  • Assorted Pictures ... Assorted pictures in various settings.   More pictures are available under the FROM THE FIELD tab, where the pictures are organized by state or country -- WeatherWool is starting to get around some!
  • Specials ... We have lots of prototypes, some discontinued pieces, some items where we were not satisfied with the sewing, some garments that we changed but still have some of the old version ... no sense letting the house fill up with good wool that could be out in the weather keeping someone warm.


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