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WeatherWool ShirtJac
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Fabric and Color

19 May 2017

PURPOSE:   A Basic Shirt Design in MidWeight or FullWeight Fabric.   The MidWeight is more like a Shirt but the FullWeight is a ShirtJac.

The ShirtJacs pictured here are in LYNX Pattern (FullWeight Fabric), and in Solid DRAB  (MidWeight Fabric) Color on the mannequin.   MidWeight and FullWeight Fabrics cannot be distinguished in pictures.

The Sleeves are a bit on the long side because short sleeves are awful!   The Sleeves are long enough that many people will be able to pull their hands inside instead of wearing gloves.

The tails are long enough to be tucked in or worn outside the Pants.  We expect the FullWeight ShirtJacs will mostly be worn outside the Pants, hanging loose, and the MidWeight are more likely to be tucked in.

The two front pockets have modest bellows and button-down flaps.   The pockets are large enough to accommodate a big cell phone.

The collar is substantial and can be buttoned down or not, or flipped up.

The cuffs are secured by either of two buttons that enable adjustment.   The adjustment is particularly useful when coordinating the cuffs with gloves, mittens or a base layer with a monkey-paw (thumbhole sleeve).

Above the cuff is a slit about 4 inches (10 cm) in length that is also secured by a button.   This slit enables the cuff to be comfortably turned up when unbuttoned.

The front of the shirt buttons all the way up to the neck, and the collar is substantial enough that if you fold it up you will notice the extra warmth around your neck.

Our MidWeight ShirtJac and in particular our MidWeight Fabric have been tested in warm and cold weather, and we love the comfort and coolness and warmth and water resistance of the fabric.

The FullWeight ShirtJac can be stretched pretty far in terms of weather.   When I do shows, I normally wear a FullWeight LYNX Pattern ShirtJac all day long in normal room temperature.  In January 2016, we spent a few days in Fairbanks, Alaska, making several presentations to United States Military.   I wore a FullWeight ShirtJac over an UltraLight Baselayer virtually all the time ... indoors at room temperature and outdoors where the temperature was typically around 0F/-18C, and sometimes quite a bit colder than that.

You can wear the MidWeight and even the FullWeight ShirtJac all day long in 70 degrees, especially if you don't tuck it in and keep your level of activity low.    For many people the MidWeight ShirtJac with a good wool base layer will be all the protection needed for activities in temperatures as low as freezing or even colder.   Of course, the FullWeight ShirtJac is substantially warmer and more weather resistant.   As always, the baselayer is important.    Like all our garments, the ShirtJac is soft enough to be worn without a baselayer, although that is not really the intent.    However, we do envision people often wearing the WeatherWool ShirtJacs over a short-sleeve base layer, as I have done many times.

The FullWeight Shirt Jac in size LARGE weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce (1387 grams) and in size XLARGE it weighs 3 pounds 3.4 ounces (1455 grams).

The Size Chart for the Shirt-Jac appears at the bottom of this page.

Please click here for a picture of our Fabric colors.   From top to bottom:  DUFF, DRAB, LYNX Pattern and BLACK.

The people in these pictures are wearing the ShirtJac in FullWeight Fabric, LYNX Pattern.   The ShirtJac on the mannequin is in MidWeight Fabric, DRAB color.   MidWeight and FullWeight Fabrics cannot be distinguished in pictures.

Please note that the ShirtJac on the mannequin was made just prior to our switch to Slot Buttons.   All our production ShirtJacs have Slot Buttons.

Leo Grizzaffi is a very well-known outdoor writer.   He's been testing our ShirtJac and introducing WeatherWool at his many appearances.   On this occasion, he had presented an award of a very valuable historical handgun to this beaming Lady.   The ShirtJac in FullWeight LYNX Pattern Fabric makes a great  substitute for a suit jacket.

Leo commented that the ShirtJac is warm when needed and cool when needed and generates a lot of interest.


This is how the Slot Buttons for the center-front of the ShirtJac start out.    The “tape” is a Mil-Spec wool-nylon blend used for uniforms.

Each Button is carefully positioned in the exact spot on the tape that it must occupy in order to sync with its Buttonhole.

Once the Buttons have been placed exactly, the tape can be very carefully situated on the ShirtJac and then sewn precisely in place on the center-front of the ShirtJac.

The amount of extremely detailed and zero-tolerance hand-tailoring that goes into each WeatherWool garment is truly extraordinary.

Every decision we ever make is intended to result in a better product, and no expense has ever been spared.  Slot Buttons are overall probably 50-75 times more expensive than typical buttons but they are far more reliable and durable. 

Here are the measurements of our Shirt-Jac, in inches.   Please note these are not the measurements of the wearer, but the measurements of the garment.    So, for example if your chest measures 48 inches, you will want an XL ... or even a 2XL if you really want room to layer underneath the ShirtJac.










CHEST (1" Below Armhole)

44 1/2

46 1/2

48 1/2

51 1/2

54 1/2

57 1/2

61 1/2

65 1/2

BOTTOM SWEEP (circumference around bottom of Shirt-Jac)









SLEEVE LENGTH (from bone at base of neck)


35 3/4

36 1/2

37 3/8

38 1/4

39 1/8

40 1/8

41 1/8

BODY LENGTH (Center of Back)


31 1/2


32 1/2


33 1/2


34 1/2



18 1/2


19 3/4

20 1/2

21 1/4

22 1/4

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