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PURPOSE:    Some people just LOVE a pullover.   Our Anorak is suitable for a huge variety of outdoor activities and social settings, and can protect in fairly serious cold without much layering underneath.   Some of the most hardcore folks going favor this Anorak.   Pullover lovers are usually on the lean side with a V-taper, and the Anorak has zippers on both sides to enable the taper and to make the garment easier to put on and take off.   The side zips are also great vents.

Please click here to see Tester's Feedback on original Al's Anorak (previous version).
Please click here to read Tom Brown III comments on WeatherWool and the Anorak.

Please click here for a picture of our Fabric colors.
From top to bottom:  DUFF, DRAB, LYNX Pattern and BLACK.

The photos in the carousel above -- except for Melissa (@PureMichiganMelissa on Instagram) -- were taken during an unusually warm April Day at The Swamp.   Temp was about 80F/27C.  Fisher Neal, the model, said he was perfectly comfortable in the Anorak.   People frequently tell me when they come in from the outdoors, they continue to wear the Anorak because it is comfortable at room temps.  Fisher is a WeatherWool Advisor and, among other things, teaches New York City folk how to hunt.

Al's Anorak in LYNX Pattern, with the Hood wide open.

Here, the side vent is unzipped, but buttoned shut at bottom.

This Anorak is in Solid DRAB Color.   The side is zipped shut.
The zipper has a locking rider.   It won’t move until you move it.

The Anorak is fairly easy to zip shut with one hand.
To open,  you will probably want to use one hand to hold the bottom sweep in place,
and the other to raise the zipper.
The DUFF Anorak works very well with DRAB Pants.

The side zips have large teeth, which helps to resist fouling.

Here, the Hood is relaxed at sides and at the rear, and the side zips are open.

With both side zips open, you can vent a lot of heat.

The inside pouch is secured by a zipper at the side.

The front pocket is inconspicuous up against the seam of the placket.
The neck opening is closed by Slot Buttons, which are far superior
to the standard four-hole button secured by thread.

The front pocket is large enough for wallet or typical cell phone.

The sleeves are relatively long.

You can walk comfortably with your hands inside the sleeves if you like.
Not needing to carry gloves is a nice convenience!

The cuffs can be snugged or left loose.
Our BLACK is really BLACK!

Here, the Hood is down, and all the adjustments are loose.
This Anorak is in our Solid DUFF Color.

This is what the totally relaxed Hood looks like in our Solid BLACK Color.

This is the rear adjustment of the Hood, completely relaxed.
This Anorak is in our proprietary LYNX Pattern.

This is the side view of a completely relaxed Hood.

Here the rear adjustment is tightened ...

... which pulls the Hood back on the head at sides and at the top.

Here, the Hood is tightened on the front sides, but not at the rear.

Here the Hood is tightened at both sides and at the back.


15 May 2017

Definition from Wikipedia:  An Anorak is a type of coat with a hood ... The hood protects the face from freezing temperatures and wind.   The Caribou Inuit invented this kind of garment, originally made from caribou or seal skin, for hunting and kayaking in the frigid Arctic.   Strictly speaking, an Anorak is a waterproof [WeatherWool is water-resistant but not water-proof.], hooded, pull-over jacket without a front opening.

One customer of ours, a truly heavy-duty outdoorsman, just ordered three of these.   He'd already given one to his Dad and another to a guide, so Jeff has now ordered at least 5 Anoraks ... FullWeight, MidWeight, DRAB, LYNX ...

We made our first Anoraks in Spring 2015 and ever since they have been very popular with some very serious outdoor guys.     Based on excellence, it was chosen by Bill McConnell of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival for the initial episodes of the 2016 season.  [Bill told me he would have worn WeatherWool for all the cold-weather episodes, but the show's producers would allow him to wear us for only one adventure.]    The Anorak also earned  a tremendous review from Tom Brown III, another well-known professional outdoorsman.   It's also very highly rated by serious guys in the United States Army, Air Force and Navy.  And we'd love to show the Anorak to people in the Marines and the Coast Guard.

Al's Anorak is named for a family friend, a truly heavy-duty worldwide outdoor adventurer who left us much too soon.   Al really loved to wear a Pullover with a Hood.    There is something about that design that just gets to some people, and Al was foremost among them.

We make three pieces with integral Hoods ... the others are the SkiJac and the Hooded Sweatshirt.    But the  Anorak is our only Pullover

Al's Anorak features zippers on the sides that can be opened up to make it easier to put on, then zipped shut to snug the Anorak in around the waist.    The side zips can also be used to vent heat.    The zips can be opened all the way and the sides can be buttoned together at the bottom to prevent flapping.

The Anorak has a tapered fit and without the side-zips some people would have  difficulty getting in and out of it.   Here is a link to a YouTube video of our Fit Model putting on the original Anorak.

Al's Anorak has a cellphone pocket on the chest and a generous Kangaroo Pocket in front, plus an inside zippered pocket hidden behind the kangaroo pocket.

The Hood can be adjusted by means of pull cords at either side, and at the rear.

The outer Kangaroo Pocket measures 10 inches by 15 inches (25 cm x 38 cm).   The side openings are almost 7 inches (18 cm) in length.   The bottom three inches (8 cm) of the sides are sewn shut, to help secure the contents of the pouch.  (Even though pouches of actual kangaroos open at the top, the garment industry calls these side-open pouches Kangaroo Pouches.)

The Inside Pouch measures 8 inches by 8 inches (20 x 20 cm) with a 6-inch (15 cm) zippered opening.

The front closure features four slot buttons that securely close the opening up to the neck.

Al's Anorak is available in FullWeight Fabric in BLACK, DRAB, DUFF and LYNX Pattern.   It is also available in MidWeight Fabric in BLACK, DRAB and LYNX Pattern.    You can see all of the color selections in the pictures on this page.   The Anorak size chart is at the bottom of this page.

We like to think our Friend Al would be very happy with Al's Anorak!

Here are a few other features:

  • Sleeves are long enough to allow the hands to be pulled inside (less need to bring gloves!)
  • Adjustable cuffs let you snug the wrist if you want to be sure your hands stay outside
  • Side zippers lock in place and move up or down only when you want them to
  • A button and buttonhole at the bottom of the sides let you leave sides unzipped for venting but prevent flapping by buttoning them together

The Hood can be worn/adjusted several different ways.    It is a very large Hood ... the idea being, in part, that when you want a Hood, you want to be able to keep the weather OFF your head.   Wear a Hat with a bill and this Hood will keep rain and snow off your face and your face will be completely shielded from wind coming from the sides.

You can see the various ways of adjusting the Hood in the pictures to the left.

You can tighten the strap in back, which pulls the entire Hood toward the rear of the head.    Tighten the pulls at each side of the front of the Hood and you can snug it pretty well to your face.

By working with the different adjustments you can vary how much peripheral vision you have (and how much of your face is exposed to wind).

If you leave all the adjustments relaxed, you can move your head somewhat inside the Hood without your movements showing on the outside.

Some interesting input on the Anorak:

  • A Lady told me she really liked the extra large Hood because she has a lot of hair and it all fits comfortably inside the Hood.
  • A Green Beret told me the Hood is great for concealing his face ... whether he is trying to hide or just get some shut-eye.
  • Advisor Mike Dean told us one of the things he likes about our Anorak is that he can wear it inside a sleeping bag.
  • One of our Advisors, a self-defense and security professional, told me his team really likes the flaps of the Anorak because they enable instant access to a knife when employing "scout carry"; this also applies to ease of access of holsters; both appendix, 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock. IWB and OWB. As well as spare magazines. The flaps are ideal for this because they allow immediate access while maintaining a non-print profile. The flaps solve the problem of having a garment long enough for concealment and rigid enough for durability while offering a solution to very fast and easy access to the ever imperative belt line.
  • The same security professional said the LYNX Pattern facilitates concealed carry both on the belt line and in the kangaroo pouch because the pattern obscures printing of objects.
  • In summary, he notes that the pattern is just as effective at concealing objects on the body as well as the wearer themselves, while not possessing the stereotypical stigma of traditional "camouflage" patterns. It's camouflage that camouflages not only the wearer and objects on the wearer's body, but in many ways, it also camouflages itself.  [Debby refers to the LYNX Pattern as ‘camo-camo’.]

Bill McConnell, star of Discovery Channel's hit series Dual Survival,
chose to wear our Al’s Anorak in LYNX Pattern for survival in the Chilean Andes.

Here are the measurements of our Anorak, in inches.   Please note these are the measurements of the garment itself.    So, for example, if your chest measures 48 inches, you will want an XL ... or even a 2XL if you really want room to layer underneath the Anorak.








Chest (1” below armhole)







Bottom Sweep (circumference of bottom of Anorak)







Sleeve Length (from bone at base of neck)







Body Length (center of back)







Across Shoulders






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