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Pictures, Tales

28 June 2017

This section has pictures and some tales about WeatherWool ... what we do, what people do in WeatherWool, where our wool comes from, who wears it, what professional reviewers have written about WeatherWool.    Also included are some narratives, such as Rain, that describe what WeatherWool can do, and the types of activities for which WeatherWool is worn.   The pictures help illustrate what our Fabrics look like in various settings.    The talk hopefully also conveys a sense of what we are about.

For close-up pictures of our Fabric, please take a look at the Fabrics page.

Please send us your input.   We love to put material from our customers here.    Thanks --- Ralph

MEDIA:  WeatherWool is attracting some attention from Media, so we added a Media section.  This is a kick for us!

OUTDOOR PROS:  Outdoor professionals are wearing WeatherWool

PRODUCTION:  Some of the aspects of production of WeatherWool

RANCHES:   The Ranchers and the Sheep that produce our wool!

SCHOOLS:  We are being recommended, worn, tested, evaluated at some outdoors-oriented schools.


The following pages are arranged mostly by Geography, but sometimes by Subject.

Alaska, Ice Camp Sargo:   WeatherWool with the US Army on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean.

Alaska, Juneau:  Mike Hatch on the Coast

Alaska, “North Pole”:   Not really the North Pole, but it was chilly.

Arizona:  Just cruising through.

British Columbia:   Another cat hunter favors LYNX

Brooklyn, NY:  Pictures from a show we attended in November, 2014

California Cattle:   Working cattle in a ShirtJac

California, Venice Beach:  WeatherWool on the Beach in California!

Colorado:   The Jewell Ranch near Rifle is growing some super wool and it is a main component of our 2016 garments.

Colorado, Ian McLendon:  An all-around outdoors professional

Colorado: Jeff Cook's Bison

Idaho:  One of our earliest All-Around Jackets in LYNX.

Illinois:   Aaron Carter, then-editor of American Rifleman Magazine.

Kansas:  Aaron Carter, then-editor of American Rifleman Magazine.

Kyrgyzstan:  Mike Bacharach and his Marco Polo Ram

Maine:  Some big deer in Maine!

Maryland:  Dale Rodefer, Rigger, All-Around Outdoorsman and Breeder of Labrador Retrievers, comments on his Big Brim Boonie and Poncho.

Michigan:   Big Brim Boonie on Lake Michigan

Minnesota:  Some of our wool and most of our technical knowledge of wool comes from our wool consultant in Minnesota ... Bob Padula of PM Ranch in Montevideo.

Missouri:   We have gotten some super wool from Missouri!

Montana:  Heath Gunns with Honored American Veterans Afield took WeatherWool to Montana

Montana Mikey:   Young Hawaiian, Mikey Botha, making meat in Montana

Nebraska:  LYNX Pattern disappears in the Fall weeds.

Nepal:  Almost three very intense weeks in WeatherWool MidWeight Pants -- nonstop

Nevada:  Our ranchers wearing WeatherWool on the slopes in Tahoe|

New Jersey:  Revelation Farms:   A WeatherWool photo shoot in Jersey Horse Country.

New Jersey:  Swamp Fox:   One of those great little hunts when I didn't pull the trigger.

New Jersey:  The Swamp:   Our little slice of heaven in the swamps of Northeast Jersey.

New Jersey Turkey, 2012:   WeatherWool’s founder finally tags a turkey.

New Jersey Whitetail, 2012:   One morning in ‘buck season’ with Deadly Dan and son Alex.

New Mexico, Dr John:  WeatherWool Advisor (soon to be listed) Dr John in the Kit Carson National Forest

New Mexico Elk:  Jeff Cook in New Mexico!

New Mexico:   WeatherWool is a ‘sheep to shirt to shepherd’ operation.    We know the people who produced our wool, and we love that they wear WeatherWool, completing a great circle!

New Mexico:  Tapocitos Aoudad

New York State:  ... the huge chunk of land that is NOT New York City!

New York State:  Slide Mountain

North Carolina:  Some of our very first test Pants went deer hunting with our buddy and outdoors instructor Rich Cleveland.

North Dakota:  LYNX Pattern on a Mule Deer hunt.

Oregon:    Tom Brown III has worn our Anorak coast-to-coast and is now in Oregon.   He and Lisa Porter, both Advisors, will be sending us some pictures soon.

Pennsylvania Antlerless Muzzleloader, 2012:    Going for venison in Pennsylvania's October muzzleloader season.

Pennsylvania:  Falls Creek Outfitters ... WeatherWool Advisor Walter Skryzpek

Rain:  WeatherWool All-Around Jac and MidWeight Pants out in cold rain, all day.

Saskatchewan Sheep at Pilgrim Farms by Liezel Kennedy

South Africa

South Carolina Hog.

Slot Buttons:  The toughest Buttons there are!

Texas:   LYNX disappears in South Texas winter brush. ... Texas winter and TEXAS WINTER!!

Utah Youngster:  Like Father, Like Son ...

Vermont:  WeatherWool at Killington, Vermont

Vermont:   Joe Carpenter and Friends on Camel's Hump

Vermont, Mount Mansfield:  Joe Carpenter and his Poncho on Mount Mansfield

Victoria Island, Canada:  Jeff Cook hunted Muskox in SERIOUS cold in Canada's Far North.

Virginia:  People don't usually think of deep snow in Virginia ... but it happens ...

Washington State:   WeatherWool at a wedding?!?!?!

WeatherWool:  How it Started

William Ewart Gladstone:  Part of our guiding philosophy!

Wyoming Pronghorn, 2012:    We look for speedgoats on the plains.

Wyoming, Yellowstone:  Heath Gunns in Yellowstone in winter.

Zimbabwe, 2012:   Our buddy Dave took some WeatherWool DRAB test garments on a Serious Outing!                                                                                                       973-761-1776

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