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21 March 2017

We love hearing from people wearing WeatherWool, and of course we like to hear good news.   But we particularly need to hear criticism and problems!    So please get us any input of any type anytime.

Really, there are two types of Feedback ...

Testimonials come from people who just like what they have gotten from us.   Any item of WeatherWool comes with a guarantee of satisfaction.   What that means is you can wear WeatherWool in the field, out in the weather ... wear it for whatever you want to wear if for ... and get a refund if you are not happy.   So far, nobody has asked for a refund.   We generally do not publish Testimonials without identification.

Testers Comments come from people who have agreed to give a garment a serious workout and provide us with detailed input.   We need to know about performance of the Fabric and the design in the weather, the fit, the design of the pockets, hood, cuffs ... everything.    Detailed Feedback.   Testers Comments can be anonymous, although of course we prefer attribution.

In the Testimonials section we offer feedback from our non-professional customers..   We have separate sections for testimonials and pictures from Media, Outdoor Schools and Outdoor Professionals.

Tester Comments

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