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Basic Information

18 April 2017

When people first meet us or first hear about WeatherWool, they often have a lot of questions.   Here are some pages of Basic Information about WeatherWool.

Advisors:  People who represent WeatherWool, answer questions, offer advice and write up your order.

Why We Make Woolen Outerwear

Frequently Asked Questions

No Risk:  Our No-Risk, Satisfaction-Guaranteed standard operating procedure

What to Wear for What Conditions and What Activities

Get Involved:  Different ways to get involved with WeatherWool ... tester, advisor, outdoor pro.  Or maybe you have another idea?

WarriorWool Info:   Donate WeatherWool to the United States Military

Discussion and History of WeatherWool

Care of WeatherWool

About Us

Shows: where we will (or have) exhibit WeatherWool

Blogs: ... What's going on with WeatherWool

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