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25 April 2017

Providing the best we can figure out how to make to people who really need it is huge for us at WeatherWool.   Great gear is a pleasure for anyone, but for some people, great gear can make a vital difference.   We have been in touch with Military people for many years, and have a pretty good idea how important their gear can be.   To have these most serious of outdoors people choose WeatherWool means a lot to us.

Quite a few individuals in the United States Military have worn and tested WeatherWool and want to wear it for Active Duty. Some day we hope Uncle Sam will issue WeatherWool, but in the meantime it is possible for the public to donate WeatherWool to Military people who need it.

There are multiple groups in the Military that may eventually receive WarriorWool, but right now we are prepared to provide WarriorWool to the Navy SEALs and to the US Air Force Arctic Survival School at Eielson Air Force Base outside Fairbanks, AK.

There are a few people in the SEALs who have been wearing WeatherWool since 2014 ... not long after we began making our first real production garments.   And one of these SEALs will distribute any donated WarriorWool within the SEALs.   They have had WeatherWool at the Arctic Survival School since January 2016, and we have a contact there who will distribute the Anoraks as appropriate.

Here is how the program works.   Interested people can order WarriorWool items (at present, Al's Anorak is the only WarriorWool piece available) at a price that is essentially ‘break-even’ for WeatherWool.   We will ship an Anorak to the SEALs or the Air Force Survival School along with your contact info (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).    It is likely that the SEAL or Survival Instructor who ultimately receives the Anorak will send a THANK YOU by email or telephone or text, but we cannot make this a condition of the program.

ALSO:  We don't mean to slight any other branch of the Military or anyone not in these units we mention.   If there are other Military people who would like to wear WeatherWool for Active Duty, please get in touch with us.   As it happens, the SEALs and the Arctic Survival School are simply the ones we have been most in touch with.

LASTLY, IMPORTANTLY:  There is no official endorsement or recommendation of WeatherWool from any government entity.   Individuals participating in our WarriorWool program are expressing a personal preference.

If you would like more info, please get in touch anytime.

Please click here for the Products page where WarriorWool can be ordered.


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