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WeatherWool Advisors

27 June 2017

WeatherWool Advisors are available to people who want to learn more about WeatherWool.    Advisors have knowledge and experience of WeatherWool and the outdoors and can discuss your needs, make recommendations and handle your order.   Advisors can work with groups as well as individuals.

Some Advisors have areas of specialty.  For example, Chad Borofsky has been on the Ski Patrol at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont since he was a kid ... it was Chad who suggested we make a SkiJac, and he designed it.  Advisors will of course help us to improve by passing along their own ideas as well as the ideas of customers.

In general, Advisors are available by telephone or email or, by appointment, in person.   People often want to see WeatherWool up close, touch it, try it on before placing an order ... a nearby Advisor can make that happen.

Some Advisors don't want their contact info out in cyberspace.  If an Advisor is listed only by first name and location, please contact us -- phone and email at bottom of this page -- and we will pass your request along to the Advisor.

If you are interested in becoming an Advisor, please read the introduction on the Get Involved page and then contact us.   We anticipate having Advisors in every American State and quite a few Countries.

If you speak with an Advisor (or Advisors) but place your order directly with us rather than with the Advisor, please let us know so your Advisor is credited.

Advisors (listed by State)

California (Northwestern):  Mike Pimentel
Specialties:   Law Enforcement, Classic Guns, Classic Bows, Hunting
Mike is a lifelong outdoorsman and law enforcement officer.   Mike began his career in Law Enforcement in 1991, and spent nearly 10 years on SWAT and Special Enforcement Teams.  Mike has also been a firearms instructor since 1991.    He has hunted in wool in Alaska, Canada, Africa and various places in the Lower 48 States.   At present, Mike is Commander of an Investigative Services Bureau.   Mike gravitates toward high-quality and old-fashioned, so he is a natural for wool.   He really appreciates fine old guns and recurves.   Also, as a bowhunter, he has a special appreciation for the silence of wool
and particularly likes Al's Anorak.   Mike has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Colorado (Aspen):  Ian McLendon
Specialties:   Hunting, Fishing, Camping, High-Country Weather
or many years, Ian has guided people in various types of outdoor adventures.   As an outdoor pro, Ian has been wearing and recommending WeatherWool since well before we began the Advisor program.

Colorado (Hotchkiss, West Central Colorado):  Andrew Taylor
Specialties:   Law Enforcement, Altitude, Extremely Varied Conditions and Activities, Hunting, Fishing, Camping
or Andrew is a District Wildlife Manager in the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.   His work as a Game Warden exposes him to a huge variety of weather conditions and activities.   When I first spoke with people in the Colorado DNR, they told me that when they respond to an incident, it may be hours or longer before they get back to the truck, and conditions may be extreme.   They need to be ready for anything.   Wool clothing is standard.   In his leisure time, Andrew is a traditional bowhunter (even choosing a recurve for bighorn), a firearms hunter and angler who is very active in Colorado as well as Alaska and other wild places.   Andrew has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Connecticut (Hartford):  Josh Westbrook
Specialties:   Craftsmanship, Quality, Style, Design
Josh is the driving force at The Brothers Crisp, makers of custom footwear of the highest quality.   In the Fall of 2015, we were showing WeatherWool in Brooklyn.   Josh was  showing his work at the same venue.   He spotted our clothing from about 50 yards off, and came over to investigate.   Josh has the same philosophy as us, and he recognized and understood immediately what we are doing.   He has been wearing WeatherWool ever since.   And not long after, I got a pair of his great moccasins.    Josh is not a heavy-duty outdoor type like most of our customers and Advisors ... his focus is quality and style ... Of course, he does appreciate how WeatherWool protects him from Hartford's severe winer, but more than most, he also appreciates how his LYNX Pattern SkiJac is admired and remarked upon wherever he goes.   One of the things we have always emphasized about WeatherWool is that we are both Luxury and Hardcore ... and those two qualities are interdependent.   Get in touch with Josh for a little bit of a different perspective on WeatherWool, and some primo footwear, too!

Georgia (West of Atlanta):  Zach
Please get in touch with us and we'll give Zach your contact info. Thanks.
Specialties:   Survival, Primitive Skills, Gear, Self-Defense
ach has a background of traveling as well as training survival around the world. He currently works and trains domestically as well as abroad in many harsh climates and conditions and is a student and instructor in Martial Arts and Survival Skills and as such can attest to the effectiveness of our garments in both a combative as well as a more traditional survival setting. Zach has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Idaho (Coeur d’Alene)  Heath Gunns
Heath is mainly available via email because he is on the road so often ... ...
Specialties:   Veterans Affairs, Hunting and Traveling Worldwide, Clothing and Gear, Weather, Law Enforcement
Heath left a career in Law Enforcement to join Honored American Veterans Afield, which was organized in 2007 “by a Committee of shooting sports industry executives to help the healing and re-integration of disabled veterans and injured active military back into normal American life through participation in outdoor events.”   Heath's role is to host the Veterans on outings across the USA and around the globe.   Prior to his work in Law Enforcement, Heath  had experience in the manufacture of clothing, and he immediately understood what WeatherWool is all about.   Heath has been wearing WeatherWool since early in our going and he has worn our clothing in a lot of places under a wide variety of conditions.   Heath has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Maine (Northern and Coastal Maine):  Mike Dean
Specialties:   Handling horrible conditions alone and off-grid.   Weather.
Mike is from Northern Maine, and has enormous amounts of outdoor experience in Colorado, Alaska and wherever the Military sent him ... in addition to many years in the woods and on the waters of Northern Maine.   You can read more about Mike's background and his ideas about how to dress for WEATHER ... and get a sense of what a great tester is about, by clicking here to read Mike's report on his test of our All-Around Jac.   When Mike and I first discussed WeatherWool, he was appropriately skeptical, and he told me “If I like it, you'll know.   And if I don't like it, you'll know.”   For the warmer half of the year, Mike can be found in the Bangor area or near the coast ... the cooler half of the year, Mike spends a lot of time in the back woods where he cannot be reached except by hiking (with snowshoes!)! ... or maybe helicopter.   The North Maine Double Jacket, for which Mike is the lead designer, is his idea.  Mike has also given us feedback on our ShirtJacs and WeatherWool in general.   Mike was our first Advisor, in April 2017.

Massachusetts:  Beth Sangree
Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with Beth.
Specialties:   As a Skiing and Outdoors Generalist, Beth knows the scarcity of clothing designed for Women.
Beth Sangree is an avid hiker, backpacker, bushcrafter and XC skier. She enjoys her Weatherwool Skijac year around, in the varied weather of New England.   Beth became an Advisor when we began the program in April of 2017.

Missouri:   Rob Allen, Sigma 3 Survival School
Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with Rob.
Specialties:   Rob teaches and oversees the teaching of all types of Outdoor and Survival Skills
Rob Allen is Founder, President and Head Instructor of Sigma 3 Survival School, which operates in Missouri and many other places.   Since his youth, Rob has felt the love and the call of wilderness.    At Sigma 3, their mission is to “create completely self reliant survivalists capable of walking off into the land with nothing but their knife and survive indefinitely!”   Rob teaches some courses at Sigma 3 himself, but his real focus is to recruits the best instructors in the world, and have them teach their specialties.   Rob's outlook is entirely practical ... he believes that you should use what works.  We began working with Rob before the Advisor program formally began.

New Jersey (Jackson Area, Central Jersey):  Mark Esposito
Specialties:  Hunting, Clothing for the Outdoors, Working Outdoors
Mark is a longtime outdoorsman from Central Jersey.   He's been getting wool from us since long before we ever started making WeatherWool, so he has been wearing the best wool available for many years.   Mark will be happy to tell you how WeatherWool compares to the other woolens or other types of outerwear!   Mark is mostly a bowhunter who hits the woods in Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.   Mark has been an Advisor since May 2017.

New Mexico (Roswell Area):  Mike Corn
Specialties:   Wool and Sheep!   Mike is also an Outdoorsman and, as a Rancher, spends a lot of time in the Weather.
Mike Corn, the 2017 President of the American Sheep Industry Association, is a very well-known figure in the world of American Premium Wool.  Mike's family has been in the sheep business in Roswell since 1878, with the 7th generation now working the same land.   Mike is a partner at Roswell Wool, where there is more wool under one roof than anywhere else in the USA.  Mike also owns and operates the huge Corn Family Ranch near Roswell.   The first Fabric WeatherWool ever made was about 90% Corn Wool.   Mike has been extremely supportive of us since we were in the “discussion” stage of our venture, and it was Mike who first put us into contact with Bob Padula, our Wool Consultant.   We love that Mike and his son Bronson wear WeatherWool on their Ranch and elsewhere, such as skiing at Tahoe.    There could hardly be a person more knowledgeable or enthusiastic about wool than Mike, and we are delighted that he continues to work with us!  Mike has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

New York City and Frenchtown, New Jersey:  Chase Burnett, Instagram @RealChaseBurnett
Specialties:   Lifestyle, Bow Hunting, Trap shooting, Camping, Outdoor cooking, Equestrian, Misplaced Texan
Chase Burnett is an Outdoorsman from Texas who now resides in the Northeast.   Chase works in NYC as a fit model for WeatherWool as well as other companies such as Woolrich, LuluLemon (Lab Series), and Caribbean Joe.  Quality clothing and how the garment fits is really important to Chase which is why we like having him as an Advisor.  But when not in the city he works with his FiancÚ at Revelation Farms in Hunterdon County NJ.  Between being on horseback, wrangling sheep, bow hunting and baling hay, durability / function are extremely important for him. “I love clothing; I only wear items that I know will, not only look sharp, but stand up to what the rugged lifestyle throws at it. WeatherWool is exactly that. Those pieces that you keep coming back to everyday because you never have to worry if it's going to tear, get muddy or wet. Hell, it looks even better when it does!” You can contact him via his email above if you're in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.  Chase has been an Advisor since May 2017.

New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey:  Fisher Neal, 865-567-1006, also in Instagram as @huntingactor
Specialties:   Fisher teaches hunting and Nature Appreciation and knows his way around stage and camera
Fisher is originally from Tennessee, where he spent huge amounts of time in the woods and fields and on the waters.   He came to the NYC area to pursue a career in theatre on Broadway, where he has had some real success.   His love of Nature is still deep in his heart, tho, and he loves hunting, fishing, foraging, and teaching people his skills.  Learn more about outings with Fisher at   Fisher's friends in Tennessee have been surprised by the Natural bounty within easy reach of Manhattan.   (It still amazes me, too, and I grew up around here!)   I have been afield with Fisher and he is very keen.   He is new to WeatherWool and became an Advisor in May 2017.   Given that he is a trained actor and model, we have used his talents and you'll see pictures of Fisher wearing our clothes on this website and on social media.

North Carolina (Hendersonville, South of Asheville):  Rich Cleveland, 828-747-3207
Specialties:   Instructor of all types of Primitive Skills and Nature Appreciation
Rich is the Director and Founder of Earth School and is a former Lead Instructor at Tom Brown's world famous Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey.  Since the early 1990s, Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to over 15,000 people of all ages, including United States Military Special Forces. He is an avid outdoorsman, guide, writer, public speaker and self-trained Naturalist.   Richard has trained and studied extensively with Tracker Charles Worsham, nationally renowned Cherokee herbalist David Winston, flintknapping experts Dr. Errett Callahan and Jack Cresson, and bowmakers Jim Hamm and Scott Silsby.   Richard teaches programs throughout the United States and internationally and his schools have been widely publicized.   In addition to his own school, Rich has been the lead Nature instructor at Victor Wooten's Bass & Nature Camp since 2000.   We were pleased to welcome Rich to our Advisor Program in May of 2017.

North Dakota (Williston):  Dan Dwyer, 701-400-4424
Specialties:   Skiing, Hunting, Farming, Outdoors, Flying
Dan is a farmer in the Northwestern corner of North Dakota, and that means he deals with serious weather.   Dan is also a pilot, skier and hunter.   We first got to know Dan in 2014 during the development of the SkiJac.   Dan is an all-around outdoorsman,  and he wears his SkiJac for virtually everything he does, even outings in town.   This picture of a beautiful mule deer and Dan in his SkiJac really shows how well LYNX Pattern matches the colors and textures of the prairie.   Dan has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Ohio (Columbus):  William Myers, 614-290-5521
Specialties:   Primitive Skills of all types, Survival, Instruction, Evaluation of Gear and Tools (including clothing)
William is the proprietor of Mantis Outdoors, where he teaches people about Nature.   He has many videos on Youtube and there is plenty of information at, which is the source of this bio:  “William Myers is dedicated to the pursuit of providing the best in out door education and products for your outdoor adventures. William has devoted a large portion of his life to both modern and primitive skills. He takes his roll as a outdoor educator very seriously quoting safety with every lesson. William especially  enjoys teaching youths the skills that he has developed over the years of hiking, trekking, camping,  hunting and fishing. Mr. Myers specialty is plant lore but believes in being well rounded with his skills. Any chance that he gets he is in the wood working on his own skill in bush-craft and general woodsman-ship. William is a student of history especially the 18th century. When he is not in the woods or with his family he can be found in his favorite chair reading books from such authors as George w. Sears, Horace Sowers Kephar, Joseph  Doddridge, and Mark Baker. William will forever be in the pursuit of  regaining the tribal knowledge that was commonly handed down from member to member.  William is a happily married father of 7 (6 sons and 1 daughter). He is dedicated to their education both in the woods and in the classroom.  William includes his family in all that he can from his outdoor classes to his YouTube videos. William firmly believes that the children of today are the woodsman of tomorrow so a lot of his attention is focused on youths. Passing down the knowledge that William has gathered throughout his years will always be his life long goal……”  William has been a WeatherWool Advisor since May 2017. 

Oregon:  Tom Brown III (T3)
Specialties:   Primitive Skills of all types.   Gear and Tools (which includes clothing)
T3 is a very well-known figure in the world of Nature Appreciation, Primitive Skills and Survival.   He is currently an Instructor with Trackers Earth.   He writes regularly for outdoor media, and has published reviews of WeatherWool, one of which can be seen here.   T3
became an Advisor when we began the program in April of 2017, but he has been an advocate of WeatherWool since he began to wear it in 2015.   Tom  and Lisa Porter (also in OR) will frequently work together as Advisors.

Oregon:  Lisa Porter
Specialties:  Nature, Weather, Primitive Skills
Lisa's happy place is outside in nature, wherever and whenever.  She loves the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest's temperate rainforests but also gets cold pretty easy so living and working outside in chilly, wet Oregon can be a challenge sometimes. She turns to her WeatherWool to stay rugged, wear long and keep her warm. Tom Brown (also in OR) and Lisa will frequently work together as Advisors.  Lisa also works at Trackers Earth, and has sent us a few pictures from Oregon.  Lisa has been an Advisor since April of 2017.

Oregon (Powers):  Darrell Holland
Specialties:  Shooting, Hunting, Survival
Darrell is an All-Around Outdoorsman who has been wearing WeatherWool since shortly after we made our first production pieces.  Darrell has helped us a lot with ideas and advice and encouragement.   Darrell is a Master Riflesmith, Shooting Instructor, Survival and Outdoor Skills Instructor and more.   He also runs Holland's Long Range Shooting School.   Eventually we will be collaborating with Darrell on a custom Vest.  Darrell has been an Advisor since May of 2017.

Pennsylvania (Western PA, Falls Creek):  Walter Skryzpek
Specialties:  All-Around Outdoorsman Regardless of Weather, Dog Lover
Walter's own words:  “I am a perpetual wanderer, full time hiker, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast.   Call me a woodsman, an amateur bushcrafter, camper, hunter, or a naturalist who dabbles in healthcare.  The result is all the same.  You'll find me in the outdoors, whether rain or shine, snow or sun.  I have an outdoor and nature oriented family business - inviting others to enjoy the surroundings by any means possible.    As a Registered Nurse, I am empathetic and passionate in all that I do;  this includes my dedication to the out-of-doors and my natural surroundings.   I strongly believe that peace can be found in nature and adventure is paramount to a sense of fulfillment.   This can be in your back yard or the rainforests of Africa, your mind is the gateway to opportunity.”

Texas (Austin area):  Michael Anderson
We'll be glad to put you in touch with Michael.   Just let us know!   Thanks.
Specialties:  Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Weather, Travel, Photography
Michael is an outdoor adventurer who enjoys trekking and climbing in many places in the USA and internationally.   Mike sent us some great photos and information about his trekking in Nepal.   Mike agreed to become an Advisor when we began the program in April of 2017.

Texas (Panhandle, Amarillo area):  Kevin Golden
Specialties:  Hunting, Travel, Cold Weather, Skiing
Kevin is a lifelong outdoorsman who enjoys the heavy-duty Texas Panhandle weather as well as Nature and hunting in many far-flung areas including Alaska.   Kevin
became an Advisor when we began the program in April of 2017.

Vermont (Central Vermont Ski Country):  Chad Borofsky
Specialties:  Skiing of all kinds, Hunting, Backwoods, Search & Rescue, Difficult Conditions
Chad has been wearing WeatherWool since our earliest days.   He phoned me years ago when we had barely made anything, and we talked for about an hour.   Chad has served on the Ski Patrol at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont since the early 1990s, and he is on the slopes in some of the worst conditions going.   He's tested our garments in crazy cold and all-day rain and sleet.   He also does cross-country skiing, skinning, backcountry activities and hunts with a variety of weapons.   Chad has experience in Search and Rescue.   Our SkiJac was Chad's idea, and he is the lead designer.  Click here for a Youtube vid of Chad and his infant son on the slopes!  Chad has been an Advisor since May of 2017.   When Chad and I spoke about the Advisor program, he was actually wearing his SkiJac, which he said he wears all the time ... that's not unusual!

Virginia (Northern Virginia):  Michael
We'll be glad to put you in touch with Michael.   Just let us know!   Thanks.
Specialties:   Nature Photography, Travel, Multiple-Use Clothing for City and Country and Travel
Michael wrote us:  “I'm one of these nuts who'll sit in a spot for hours waiting for just the perfect moment of light. And when I travel to faraway places, I need to get the most out of everything I pack or carry. Camera gear takes up so much carryon space. Having one jacket that replaces a fleece, a rain shell, and a heavy insulation layer is a godsend.  I hardly feel qualified compared to the guides, outdoor experts and survival instructors listed on your site.  I'm just an office-bound professional who loves taking his camera into the great outdoors—and loves wearing WeatherWool.    I'm practically already a walking ad.  I've received compliments on it nearly everywhere I've worn it…  from the shooting range in Virginia to the broker bars of lower Manhattan. I often tell people that if I had five minutes to grab my most important possessions before a disaster, there's no question my All-Around Jacket would be in one hand.”

Washington State (Chehalis area):  Jeff Cook
Specialties:  Hunting, Bowhunting, Difficult Conditions, Rain, Travel, GEAR
Jeff is a lifelong outdoorsman who has been wearing WeatherWool since 2014.   As a youngster, Jeff was on the National Junior Olympic Rifle Team, competing in both Smallbore Rifle and Three Position Rifle.   In his 20’s, Jeff was guiding elk and deer hunts in Oregon in the fall and traveling to Africa to video hunts for television.  Jeff's primary outdoors activity is now bow hunting and his pursuit of the North American Archery Super Slam.   He has hunted with both bow and firearm all over North America as well as having taken dozens of hunting trips abroad.   Jeff is as much of a gear-head as we have ever encountered in our years of talking to outdoor folk, and we take his ideas very seriously ... and he is one of the designers of our Anorak.   Being from Western Washington, rain is something Jeff deals with regularly.   He tells me that he can completely waterproof our Anorak by spraying with Nikwax.  I haven't tried this yet myself, but when Jeff says it works, and washes out fairly easily when you no longer need waterproofing, I believe him.   Jeff sent us a pic from a cold-weather bison hunt and another from an even-colder muskox hunt.   Jeff has a tendency to pursue outings that involve physical difficulty ... places far off the road, high in elevation and very cold.  He pushes himself and his gear.   Jeff has been an Advisor since May of 2017.                                                                                                       973-761-1776

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